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Sherwood Randolph Wescott

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  • Can i get a case thrown out if the people that filled it have the wrong date of the offence and if so could they charge me later

    i have a record for something similar dating back over 4 years ago

    Sherwood’s Answer

    Its often very difficult to get a criminal case dismissed (thrown out) based solely on a incorrect date, there are certain factors involved to determine if the court would allow the state to amend the incorrect date or dismiss the case. If it was dismissed the state or the complaintant could refile to start the process over again. You should consult with an attorney right away. For a consultation please feel free to call my office at 410-901-9300 or 410-845-9885.

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  • I have heard that most VOP warrants are without bond. Why is my preset at 15,000. Is that a good sign?

    This is the first VOP I received and there are many reason's why I was violated. Some are my own fault and some have good substantiated evidence to support why I failed to meet the requirements.

    Sherwood’s Answer

    The amount of the bond for VOP Warrant is generally not reflective of the violation itself. This is good for you once you have been served with the warrant, it would less you have to pay for your release while awaiting your hearing.

    It is best to spea with and retain legal counsel immediately to discuss the underlying violation(s) this could have a large impact on the outcome of your hearing.

    For a free telephone consultation you can call (410) 845-9885.

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