Samuel J Brown

Samuel J Brown

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Sam Brown has lived in Annapolis since 1962 and hjas been practicing law since 176.  He has been involved in the local community.  There are 9 attorneys in his firm and they emphasize being a full service law firm.

About Me 

 I still  enjoy getting up each day, spending time at home with my family and friends and practicing law.  About 50% of my work week is in court and the balance meeting with new clients and managing my office.  There is nothing to trivial for a client in need.  It is important to analyze the problem, find a solution and hopefully convey it quickly, efficiently and inexensively to a client.

Our clients come from all walks of life as referrals from other clients and other attorneys. Our firm has grown to 10 attorneys and 10 administrative assistants. If our full service law firm can assist you please contact me.