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Jason A Plotkin

Jason Plotkin’s Legal Guides

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  • You’ve Been Arrested, Now What?

    Contact an attorney. Your initial consultation with the Pinder Legal Team is always free. In that consultation, we will discuss the following issues: Do we have a legal defense to this claim? Did the State have a valid reason to bring the case, and does it have the constitution a...

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  • Wills and Estate Planning for the Middle Class

    As part of having a community practice, the Pinder Legal Team offers basic estate planning documents. We have found that while estate planning has become a big money making bonanza for some area firms, most middle class individuals just need a basic will and powers of attorney to...

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  • Worker’s Compensation – Insurance for Injured Workers

    A lot of people think of Workers Compensation as a lawsuit against their employer thats not what it is. Workers Compensation is actually insurance which employers are required to carry in order to provide medical care, sick pay and other compensation for their workers who are in...

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  • Minimal Impact Auto Mobile Accidents and "Kiss Off" Letters

    The Pinder Legal Team has seen more auto insurers routinely deny accident injury claims in the past ten years. They often argue that "if a car isn't damaged, how could drivers or passengers, protected by seat belts and airbags, claim any harm?" In fact, GEICO will often send you...

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