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Clay Barnes’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Roger

    I feel my rights were well protected by Clay Barnes in dealing with corporate america

    Clay Barnes represented me, and I'm glad he did. All State, the insurance company who represented the man who hit me, wanted to give me basically nothing for pain and suffering and future medical bills. Through Clay's diligence and hard work we recovered over 6 times their offer. He logged a lot of hours on my case keeping me updated on every aspect. His flexibility in meeting was greatly appreciated in that he would offer to meet in the evenings, weekends, or holidays to accommodate my work and family schedule. I would recommend him to a friend and feel their rights were well protected.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    Clay--Best Possible Advocate

    Imagine meeting your spouse, five-year-old, and two-year-old at the hospital after receiving a call that they have been involved in a motor vehicle collision. Then imagine your five-year-old telling you that the minivan she was in rolled over-and-over again. Imagine your husband confirming her story with tears in his eyes as he repeats, "I thought they were dead. I thought they were dead."

    That's the terrifying scene I walked into several years ago after the minivan my husband was driving was blindsided and T-boned by another driver.

    After leaving the hospital with a concussion and back pain, my husband was left to deal with the insurance company. Having never been in a serious car accident before and suffering the effects of a brain injury--fatigue, dizziness, brain fog--he was at the mercy of the insurance company whose main objective is to look out for their own interests. For two weeks we endured nothing but subterfuge and double-talk; we could never get a straight answer. Finally, a friend of ours, a lawyer himself, recommended Clay Barnes.

    Within twenty-four hours, Clay was sitting in our kitchen, listening to our predicament. From that moment on, Clay fielded all calls and correspondence; what a relief not to have to deal with the insurance company! Clay was knowledgable, experienced, and trustworthy. He walked us through the process of "making things right" for four-and-a-half years! While other lawyers may have settled for the paltry sum that the insurance company offered, Clay was willing to go the distance, even to a civil trial with a judge and jury. And he thoroughly prepared us for the courtroom which can be an intimidating and scary prospect. After the trial--where Clay fought for and won a substantial sum for us--we finally experienced vindication and closure.

    To our family, Clay has become a trusted adviser and friend; we met him during one of the most traumatic times of our lives, and he was able to bring comfort and clarity to a chaotic situation. We whole-heartedly recommend Clay--and we have--to anyone who finds themselves in circumstances similar to ours and needs a tough, fair, and determined advocate with years of legal experience.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    Clay Barnes is the Best There is!

    Last month, Clay won my case, which was a huge success! Throughout the entire process Clay was my advocate, providing expert counsel and guidance—It’s clear that his decades of experience gives him a great advantage in the court room! From the beginning, Clay was completely engaged and I never felt like other cases were more important. I always received his undivided attention and I never doubted that my best interests weren’t his top priority. If you are looking for a lawyer who has the institutional expertise, is personable with his clients, and won’t stop until you get justice, then Clay is your guy! I would give him six stars because he goes above and beyond anyone else. I will miss working with him as he’s become a good friend through this process.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amiee

    You'll be glad you hired Clay Barnes! He's Amazing!

    Clay Barnes was an amazing lawyer to work with! From the beginning, I felt that he had my best interests in mind when moving the case forward. Every single step of the way, Clay was detail-oriented, sensitive to our needs, extremely knowledgeable of the court system and how that impacted our case, and honest. I always felt that Clay was advocating for us, even if that meant a smaller paycheck for him. If you’re looking for a great attorney who will successfully represent your case for an honest and fair price, Clay Barnes is the one to choose. Clay has the industry knowledge and ambitious attitude needed to give you the best results on your case. I give Clay a 10 out of 10 and because of how much I believe in his work, I’ve referred multiple friends’ cases to him also. You won’t be disappointed with his services, he definitely exceeded all of my expectations!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bernie

    Great Lawyer......Great Person

    Clay Barnes is an excellent attorney! He worked extremely hard to support my case. I felt that he was very intellectual, strategic and passionate. I could not have had anyone better representing me. He was always "over-prepared" for the any turn that might of happened in my case. I know that he also was very understanding when working on my case and billed me fairly. He fought for me like I was one of his own family members. Not only did Clay support my domestic law case, he represented my son in a personal injury case and won with the maximum allowable settlement. Not only is he an expert in law....he's a great person. That's hard to find. He always wanted to make sure you were OK with how things were proceeding, and also to make sure the family felt good too. He is a great lawyer!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by joseph

    A Great Lawyer Who Really Cares

    Clay Barnes is an extremely knowledgeable and talented lawyer. I have never met a lawyer with so much compassion and determination. I've personally recommend friends and associates to his office and have never received a negative comment about him from anyone. His techniques for personal injury cases are both revolutionary and effective. I have never seen anything quite like it. Mr. Barnes is also very accessible, easy to work with, highly professional and well respected. I have and will continue to recommend him.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    This might seem harsh.

    Some background, I have seen two different young adults use this lawyer and personally used him under the guise he was well sold to me. These cases were in multiple areas of law.

    To begin, he charged an excessive price, and did nothing for me. He didn't even care to put worth to my case. He was more worried about some other case in the same week that seemed of more value to him. He assigned an assistant and I ended up getting nothing more than I had on the table going in alone (after speaking to other lawyers ex post facto).

    On to the others disregarding details, they believed they had an open-shut case, managed to lose and now end up owing excessive legal fees for a drought out case (1 year+). They were also not happy at all with the results.

    Let's not forget this man is stuck in the stone age. Maybe he knew a lot of the folk in the courts a while ago, maybe he still does. But this man doesn't accept anything but checks. Young people today are growing up never needing a check book. This is 2015. Hello.

    Wouldn't recommend
    Wouldn't use again

    Clay M Barnes’s response: “I am taken aback by this post (“This might seem harsh” posted February, 2015). I have had no clients or cases that even remotely come close to the situations which are alleged here. If you are really a client of mine, please fully identify yourself and demonstrate that I really represented you, as well as the “two different young adults” to whom you refer. If and when you do so, we can discuss and attempt to resolve any issues that you believe need to be addressed, including any “excessive” fees that you claim you paid me. I am a sole practitioner, and I have never had “an assistant” handle a client’s case in thirty-eight years of practice. That said, it is unfortunate indeed that AVVO permits anonymous postings that allow false, unverified and even malicious information about an attorney to be disseminated on its website without the author being required to establish that the supposed “review” is really from a client of the lawyer, or has any truth to it. Good lawyers often make the opposite party in a case (or his or her lawyer) very unhappy and then that person would have a motive to retaliate by posting false information about the lawyer.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    One of the best lawyers in the entire state of Maryland!

    Mr. Barnes represented me in a trial in Baltimore County, MD. In the litigation, he was up against two lawyers on the other side. He stood up to the judge in the case and beat back the other two lawyers so I wound up winning my case solely due to his ability, preparation, and trial tactics. I have used other lawyers in the past and very aware of the Baltimore area legal community. I believe him to be one of the best trial lawyers in the area. You would be lucky to have him as a lawyer. He becomes so involved in your case that there were times that I believed he cared about it more than I did and I cared a lot. He would call me late at night to discuss my case to try to find anything that might gain an advantage for me. He's the best.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Barry

    Not Your Average Lawyer

    I have engaged the services of many attorneys over the years but I have found Mr. Barnes to be quite exceptional. His attention to detail and the unwavering commitment he makes to his clients is comforting and refreshing. ..he is not your average lawyer! Mr. Barnes worked hard on my case and demanded the same commitment from me. He is an Attorney that does not back down from the opposition nor will he kowtow in order to secure a fast settlement. I believe that Mr. Barnes’s integrity, knowledge of the law and his sheer grit sets him apart from the rest. For me the search for legal representation is over. I highly recommend Mr. Barnes and I thank him for coming to my aid!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Denise D. Carter

    Mr. Barnes is a very intelligent/Knowledgeable Attorney. I have recommended him to several of my family members & friends which are very pleased about the out come of there case.. He doesn't take anything lightly. He explains every step, When he did my Accident Case i was more then pleased not because he won the case but he made me feel confident by making me knowledgeable of what to expect in the court room and from other attorneys questions. i never felt alone he was always there when i had questions he also changed his hours so i would not miss work when coming to see him about my case. He is
    a very hard worker and i highly recommend Mr. Barnes