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  • Answering a Complaint: Avoiding Default Judgments.

    Have you been sued in the District Court of Maryland or the Circuit Court of Maryland? It is important to defend yourself against any lawsuit. But how do you get started? District Court - Notice of In

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  • Recalling a Warrant to Avoid Arrest

    There's a warrant out for your arrest. What should you do? Turn yourself in? No. Get it recalled. Motion to Recall To recall a warrant for your arrest, one would file a Motion to Recall. This simple m

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  • How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back in Maryland?

    So you’ve moved out. You left the place in good order, handed in your keys, done everything you were supposed to. And still, your landlord refuses to return your security deposit! What options do you

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  • Settle Your Case in District Court

    If you have been sued civilly in the District Court of Maryland and you want to settle you have a three options. But let's first discuss the elements of a settlement agreement. Any agreement you make should always be reduced to writing. When you negotiate a settlement, you'll wa...

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  • Vacating a Judgment in Maryland's District Courts

    VACATING A JUDGMENT IN MARYLAND'S DISTRICT COURT You just found a judgment has been entered against you. This happened in three ways: 1) affidavit judgment was entered because you failed to respond to the summons or failed to appear for trial; 2) default judgment was entered agai...

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  • Sued by a Debt Collector: Now What?

    Have you been threatened to be sued by a debt collector? Have been sued to collect on your defaulted debt? You are probably wondering what you should do when collectors come calling. This is a brief overview of the legal process in Maryland and what you can expect. Applicable La...

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