During various interviews, she approached me on multiple occasions to criticize what she presumed to be my conduct vis a vis my wife - on matters I myself had never discussed with her and without attempting to first verify with me whether her criticisms were based upon fact. Remarked once that she "never appreciated the father-daughter relationship until [she] married and had [her] own daughter." This remark troubled me greatly. ‘Progressively distanced herself from my case, eventually assigning it to a novice attorney but without discussing and fully explaining this change to me. In general, she appeared to be remarkably influenceable by the opposing attorney, given her increasingly presumptive statements on matters I myself had not discussed with her, and I found this very troubling. Her retainer and hourly rate were remarkably large given her limited experience. I terminated her services after just a few months. Her personal views on fathers, as revealed on occasion during interviews with me, further indicated to me an individual who was less than objective when representing men and their children in any divorce or custody issue. In general, I would most definitely not recommend her to any male who is engaged in divorcing a highly contentious, deceptive and manipulative female represented by an equally deceptive and manipulative attorney. Other male clients who have solicited her services, and with whom I have spoken, have obtained much less through her services than they ought to (in my opinion), even where there was clear and aggravating evidence against the wife, such as infidelity.