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William C Wood

William Wood’s client reviews

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  • Worst attorney ever

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I used this attorney 3 times. The first time was a hands down case that could've been won without lawyers. The 2nd was a bankruptcy that he continued to tell me to ignore the bills coming in. Turns out, he not only was wrong... he didn't bother to look. I got sued after the bankruptcy for over $7000 (from an original $2500) because of his advice and he never took one ounce of responsibility for telling me it was included in the bankruptcy and to continue to ignore it, even after the other party filed in court. I used him again (before I realized all this mess was happening with the bankruptcy for family court issues. All I wanted was a SIMPLE custody order, child support amount, and any other tiny simple things that must be included in such an order. There was NOTHING at all somplicated in the case. He was non-attentive, missed over all the important details, and although I did get a bit more time with my children, all of the time he spent (eating up the retainer and more) supposedly coming to an agreement with the other party, it turns out that it was written up and signed by attorneys completely different than what we had agreed upon in the first place. My child support is higher than it legally should be. My visitation is less than it legally could have been. I owed him over $1000 more once it was all said and done and I left there with more questionable legal holes than I had before I had gone to court in the first place. So, now, the family court coordinator has suggested that we take this back to court for resolution. This attorney doesn't care about your case. He just wants to take your money, not even look at the documents (or at least barely brief them) that you send him, go to court, wisp you in and out and leave you with whatever you come back with. He does not HELP you He doesn't REPRESENT YOU. Not all court orders come out the way you want them to, but the attorney is supposed to REPRESENT their client. He DOES NOT@!!!!! BEWARE!!! If you use this attorney, don't expect representation!!

  • Reasonable & Reliable Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Bill did an excellent job of guiding me through the divorce process, explaining what I could/should expect, without trying to push me to "hold out for more." He was very respectful of my financial situation and my uncontested divorce was relatively inexpensive.