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Laurence F Johnson

Laurence Johnson’s client reviews

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  • Very pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eryka

    I hired Mr. Johnson in 2013 for my first green card when I was undocumented. Few months later, without any hassle, I got my first green card.
    Then, 2 years later I hired him again to get my permanent green card. Was a smooth process again. During the process, I need his help when I was out of the country and had difficulties to come back.
    He assisted me right away and sorted things out.
    An excellent lawyer with an infinite knowledge about everything regarding Immigration.

  • very satisfied client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by john b lordan

    I am writing to praise/ commend/ recommend MR Laurence Johnson
    he helped me immensely over a year ago to obtain a visa for a friend of mine

    I found him to be very thorough , careful and thoughtful in his approach to this situation
    his advice was correct and the problem was resolved to my satisfaction
    it was not a long protracted struggle-- I never felt that I was being strung along or set up for heavy attorney fees-- all fees were discussed ahead of time with a preliminary written estimate if I remember correctly
    mr Johnson was invariably cordial, respectful, immediately available---- seemed to be a very hard working guy-- works weekends- - always seems to be in the office early in the mornings-- and has the common touch - I never felt deprecated in his office=
    all bills were immediately acknowledged with written receipt.

    I would recommend unequivocally/

  • Very Good Immigration Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Excellent immigration attorney. Fun to talk with, there is a geeky edge to him, but that only lights things up. He will listen to you, analyze your situation and will try to give you the best advise based on his knowledge and experience. He will not pretend that he has some special insider connections (even though he was in practice for nearly 40 years and surely knows people around) , he will lay it out to you as is and do so in witty way: you can tell this is a lawyer with a superior intelligence and clear vision of totality of circumstances and forces at play.
    I heard no nonsense from this lawyer, he wasn't trying to sell himself up , certainly wasn't desperate to win a client but took my case when I insisted. I had a bad experience with attorney hired prior to him whose staff made errors on my petition (causing repeated RFE's) and and who since abandoned my case (when I brought the errors to their attention and asked to correct those).

    For very modest fee he wrote a retainer agreement and handled all the paperwork on the spot as I was sitting there to sign it. I mean he not only printed a retainer, he actually drafted the letters to USCIS , had it revised by his staff several times until it was to his satisfaction , had me review and sign it and then sealed it off to be picked up by FedEx the same day! I have never seen an attorney doing that, and I could tell his office was busy ( 3 attorneys and staff of 4 paralegals non-stop answering phone calls and typing up something), yet for the duration of my visit he completely focused on my case and didn't let me go until everything was done and envelope sealed to be mailed!

    Very good attorney. Needless to say my case concluded successfully in less than 2 months, I wish I had his office retained from the start, but who knew.

    I recommend this attorney to anyone who has immigration related questions and need legal assistance from no-nonsense, well experienced and caring immigration attorney.

  • The best of the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hamidy

    It took me only 2 months to get my respond from INS and within 1 month i got my GC. He is the Angel. Thank you Mr Johnson so so much....