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Matthew Rice Glinsmann

Matthew Glinsmann’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by DeeDee

    Outstanding Immigration Lawyer with a great team working for him!

    Mr. Matthew R. Glinsmann provided exceptional legal representation. My husband and I appreciated how he and his team worked in a very well organized and timely matter to guide us through the process of a family-based permanent residency. Mr. Glinsmann and his team were very helpful throughout and even put in extra effort and time to help us build a strong and successful case. His vast experience in the field made us feel very comfortable and well-prepared when we went for our interview. He handled our case with much professionalism and earned our full trust, especially through his calm and honest, yet friendly way. We will definitely contact Mr. Glinsmann again for help when it is time to remove conditions from my permanent residence and when preparing for the naturalization process. We highly recommend Mr. Glinsmann and his team to anyone who has immigration related issues.
    Thank you so much for making our dream come true!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    The BEST immigration lawyers around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would highly reccommend this law firm. Both Maria and Matthew Glinsmann are highly skilled and profesional attourneys. They are the best lawyers I have ever encountered. Honest, decent, just good human beings through and through. They worked tirelessly to help us achieve our end goal. Immigration is not alway a clear or easy process; they made it clear and supported me every step of the way. If you are considering an immigration lawyer - choose Glinsman. I am so thankful I did.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Highly Recommended!

    Mr Glinsmann helped me with my immigration case, as well as removing my Conditions on Permanent Residence. I have little knowledge about law and will not describe my case in this review. If you do need honest, hardworking attorney you can trust, I recommend Matthew Glinsmann.
    Some of the things I like about him:
    1.Mr Glinsmann answer all my questions and explained to me how he is going to resolve my case. There not many “if’s” in his explanations, which made me feel confident.
    2. He was very easy to reach and responded to all my questions. While other attorneys rely on their assistants, Mr. Glinsmann answered all of my questions personally.
    3. There were absolutely no surprises and Mr Glinsmann stayed on top of my case the whole time, until it was resolved.
    If you look for the best Immigration Attorney , without a doubt it is Mr. Glinsmann
    I highly recommend this Attorney

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lateef

    Highest Level of Professionalism !

    Honesty is the most important thing in life to me. I'm so happy to recommend Mr Glinnsman to anyone who needs an honest immigration attorney to handle his or her case. My case was so funny, yeah funny! because I work on OPT in West Texas on a rotation job. But my wife and the love of my life lives in Maryland. OPT was expiring in like few weeks away.

    I got to know him from reviews on AVVO as well. I browsed and looked at so many Attorney's profile and linkedin pages. But there was something about his client reviews that truly set him apart from other attorney's.

    I'm a very direct person and I really appreciate his honest assessment of my case. He told me stuff point blank because he saw that I was so nervous and worried about OPT jobs. I didn't wanna quit my current job and moved permanent to Maryland without having my EAD card in hand. He was a bit pricy though! lol. Call me cheap! lol. Yeah but my wife liked him from day one and she insisted we used him. So an happy wife means ???? fill in the blanks!

    He set about the case by not hiding anything from USCIS. He presented our case and he demanded for all documents for everything that was on our affidavit. He was very meticulous and very open to us staying late for consultations whenever I'm flying in late from Texas or running late due to traffic.

    Online update and file sharing was always updated with our evidence and responses from USCIS. The day of the interview is another story entirely, I was so worried about EAD card loss by US postal service.
    But Mr Glinsman was very confident and he explained the whole EAD card lost and my job issue to the officer after she swears us in. The officer said she is aware of everything before the interview and had already read my wife's affidavit prior to our AOS interview that day. Wow! So no lies truly pays off. She knew where I work and so on. She also advised me to speak slowly because she had read on the affidavit about my experiences in west texas to slow talking! lol. What a relief! The interview went smoothly and everything was already open to her and USCIS.

    The office also gave a good comment about Andrew! Yeah the paralegal assistant that worked tirelessly on our case. She said and I quote "You have a very good paralegal " because everything was very well detailed and including the visa number from my F1 visa was right.

    She said I have no choice than to approve this case, all the evidences , taxes (no state taxes in Texas), ead card loss and me going back and forth to work in Texas was well documented thanks to Mr Glinsmann and his team. He really worked so hard, he didn't promise anything whatsoever but he wants the truth from day 1 and the evidences for everything.

    30min after interview and on our home ! In Baltimore traffic on i695. Card production alert! From filing to green card approval notice took just 120 days!

    I made a joke earlier about his services being pricy, well that was the best thing about his services. They were very flexible about payment and we had a fixed price. No matter how many time we see him. We had so much face to face consultation that really pays well in the end. I've come to realize that the outcome of a good case is dependent on the professionalism and quality of the attorney that represented a case.
    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sushant

    You can never go wrong with Glinsmann & Glinsmann

    I write reviews only when a particular service/product is really excellent and praiseworthy or if it is extremely poor.
    I would have to say from the outset itself that Mr. Glinsmann is one of the best immigration attorneys out there. He handled my case excellently well, the whole process felt so easy and straight forward. He guides you every step of the way and he is always there for you when you need help.
    I highly recommend Mr. Glinsmann for help regarding any immigration matter, he is knowledgable,helpful and very professional, I truly enjoyed working with him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mikey

    Outstanding Attorney

    Matthew Glinsmann assisted my wife and I with our petition for family-based permanent residency. He was clear and approachable throughout our complicated case, and helped us navigate our case to a successful conclusion.

    I am now a US Permanent Resident, largely thanks to Matthew Glinsmann's expertise.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Great responsiveness and very thorough

    Glinsmann helped me and my wife with my wife's immigration case (Green Card).
    He/his staff always replied within a day or so when we emailed any questions, and made sure to explain any sort of evidence for our case that we could bring, to the point that we had well above the required amount.
    Glinsmann and his staff were always very clear on the entire case process, including two pre-interview practices (one at his office and one at USCIS while we waited to be called up).
    I obviously can't say for sure how much of the speed of our case was due to Glinsmann and how much was the timing/circumstances, but my wife and I were very pleased to, from case submission to receiving my wife's "Welcome to the US" letter only 2.5 months had passed. Now we can finally be done with this process and just be a married couple.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Idgla

    Excellent Immigration Attorney

    Matthew Glinsmann is by far the best immigration attorney I have ever hired. I am an extremely demanding man and do not trust people very easily. I have read nearly every single article that there is on immigration benefits and was very skeptical about hiring an attorney to begin with. After my first meeting with Mr. Glinsmann my skepticism was replaced with a sense of peace. I knew right away that my case was in very good hands. Mr. Glinsmann is very knowledgable, courteous and professional. He is very quick to respond to your questions through email. I cannot see myself hiring another lawyer. I would easily recommend Mr. Glinsmann to anyone I know.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Experienced & great service!!

    Matthew provided excellent service during the initiation and processing of my petition for my foreign spouse to join me in the U.S. His vast experience was of enormous benefit during the journey through the onerous application and approval process. During this "ordeal", Matthew was very generous with his time to answer any questions we had or react to any issues we encountered with the bureaucracy. During the periodic setbacks my wife and I encountered with immigration authorities, Matthew was consistently reassuring that he would be there to assist us.... and he was.

    I would highly recommend him for any immigration case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Outstanding Representation

    Mr. Matthew R. Glinsmann is the height of discretion & professionalism! I hired Mr. Glinsmann in September of 2012 after I had a very complicated immigration case with USCIS. Being my first time filing any sort of legal case and my first time hiring any sort of lawyer, my husband and I discovered him from a search on the internet and decided to go with him based on his reviews and ratings as top Immigration lawyer.

    Throughout the entire case process all the way to the closing of the case, Mr. Glinsmann has gone above and beyond in answering any questions I had, double-checking that I understood every step of the process to make sure I was very prepared to attend my interview at USCIS.

    I was truly very nervous just before the interview, but he did an excellent job helping me relax and achieve a successful ie attending my Naturalization Oath ceremony to become a US citizen. I was extremely pleased with the results of the case as I had never expected such a successful and straightforward decision based on the complicated nature of my case.

    Mr. Matthew R. Glinsmann provided exceptional legal representation and his vast experience in the field undoubtedly shines when he represents someone. He handled my case with much professionalism and he is a man who has earned my trust. If I am ever in need of such legal service again, I will most likely be in contact with him once more.

    If you're looking for professionalism and diligence with a side of friendliness, look no further.