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Richard Stefan Lurye

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    Best DUI lawyer ever.

    Richard was very helpful during the months it took to go to court. He helped me develop a plan that made me comfortable with what lied ahead. When I went to court I felt I was more prepared than others. He is well respected and when he spoke people listened. We recieved the best case scenario. Richard went above and beyond for me and he will do the same dor you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Richard Lurye is outstanding

    Eleven years ago, Richard Lurye helped our son deal with a marijuana possession charge. He gave us exactly the right advice, and our son was able to avoid detention or probation. But more than that, he was able to provide counseling that helped our son get on the right track. He went on to the University of Virginia as an honor student and got a rewarding job in a scientific field. Now, he's about to get married to a wonderful young woman and I thought it was a good time to thank Richard for helping him on his way. Thank you, Richard, for all you do.

    Richard Stefan Lurye’s response: “Dear Paul, thank you for your kind remembrance made extraordinary by the passage of time and the knowledge that your son is doing so well. His achievements have made my day. Thank you for trusting me with him.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    You want the best?? Here he is!!

    I would highly recommend Richard Lurye to be your attorney or if you need an attorney for a family member or friend. Mr. Lurye is very knowledgeable and highly respected within his profession.

    Mr. Lurye was my attorney for a DUI charge I received in December 2014. It was my first offense in which I blew a .15. I researched many lawyers and found based off the reviews, Mr. Lurye was the best match. I completely agree with all of his positive reviews that have been written about him. Since the first time I reached out to Mr. Lurye, he has been very understanding, supportive, and has provided outstanding guidance to ensure I would be best positioned for court.

    Following his very detailed and organized plan, I was able to receive no jail time, probation before judgment to include unsupervised probation. It was the very best possible outcome given my situation.
    I cannot thank Mr. Lurye enough for all of his guidance and support during this difficult time. He is an exceptional lawyer that I highly recommend. I was more than fortunate to have had him represent me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    A very grateful parent's recommendation of a wonderful lawyer and human being

    A couple of years ago my 17-year old daughter was charged with shoplifting. The police officer suggested to my daughter that she get a lawyer. I had never hired a lawyer before nor had any dealings with the legal system. Both my daughter and I were upset and to say the least, "stressed-out." I didn't really know the best way to proceed and I finally decided to turn to the Internet to read attorney reviews and get suggestions. There was one lawyer that clearly stood out above all the rest, receiving the highest praises and recommendations. This lawyer was Richard Lurye.

    I decided to call Mr. Lurye the very next day and as many others have said, it was the best decision I could have made. Mr. Lurye is an exceptional attorney. Not only is Mr. Lurye experienced and knowledgeable, he is also understanding and caring. From our first phone conversation, I felt Mr. Lurye cared about both my daughter and me and would do everything possible to guide us and obtain the best possible outcome.

    Mr. Lurye took the time to thoroughly explain everything to us, including what options we had and what would be required and expected of us each step of the way. Mr. Lurye made several suggestions which would help my daughter be looked at more favorably by a judge or counselor. One such suggestion was for my daughter to proactively start performing community service right away without waiting to go to court. This advice turned out to be invaluable since my daughter was under a time crunch hoping to go out-of-state to college in a few short months with everything wrapped-up and taken care of. Through it all, I felt like we had the most qualified and understanding person on our side and, as a result, I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

    Mr. Lurye took the time to talk one-on-one with my daughter, advising her and counseling her in a nonjudgmental manner. They discussed everything from the possible impact her shoplifting charge could have on her college admission process and her summer job search to what the judge would be looking for when my daughter went to court. I believe my daughter felt Mr. Lurye genuinely cared about her and wanted the very best for her, both throughout the trial period and later in her future life. As a parent, I truly felt Mr. Lurye made a positive impact on my daughter's life and I will be forever grateful. My daughter ended up opting for Teen Court and spent the summer successfully completing assigned tasks and community service. She was able to start college in the fall without a record hindering her in any way. Now, several years later, I need a lawyer's advice on an unrelated matter. Without the slightest hesitation, I contacted Richard Lurye again. I highly recommend Richard Lurye to anyone looking for legal representation. It will be the best decision you could make too.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brent

    HIGHLY Recommended Attorney

    From the very first phone consultation Mr. Lurye presented himself as a well spoken, thoughtful individual with a deep knowledge of DUI subject matter. As my case and our interaction progressed I felt as though he was truly vested in my best interest and obtaining a positive outcome to an otherwise unpleasant situation.

    Mr. Lurye was very though in his procedures and extremely clear in all his communications. His extensive experience and focus on DUI proceedings allowed us to layout a clear and understandable course of action which ultimately led to better than expected result.

    I would recommend Mr. Lurye to anyone facing a DUI trial in Montgomery County, MD. He has my gratitude and my thanks for helping me get this matter behind me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    A great ally

    After getting a DUI, I was overwhelmed with the whole process, as this was my first arrest of any kind. I quickly read as many reviews of lawyers as I could, in an effort to inform myself, and narrowed it down to a remaining handful. I called each one of these on my list, but Rick stood out from our first conversation, and immediately helped me to reach a comfort level. Without even having me signed up as a client, he advised me of my rights, explained what I needed to do next, and how I should proceed going forward.

    I hired Rick the next day, and it was the best decision I could have made. My case involved a first-offense DUI with a BAC under .15, and no accident or injuries. Rick provided me a "to-do list", as many others have mentioned below this is extensive, but if you are truly committed to showing the court that this incident is not a good reflection of your character, then it will not be a problem to complete. These included attending a state recognized alcohol counseling program, reading a book and writing a paper, attending a victim impact class that highlights the dangers of driving under the influence, and volunteer work with an organization of your choice.

    The items Rick requests you do may see pretty overwhelming at first, and even after a couple weeks it seems like they are more hassle than they are worth. But by doing multiple things over a longer timeline, there is very little chance you will forget about WHY you are doing these things, and in the long run, this will help to ensure you don't make the same mistake again.

    Because I started with these items almost immediately after my arrest, I was able to complete the check list before both my DMV hearing and my court date. This was a powerful tool to help mitigate the punishment I could have received at either of these hearings, and it showed the DMV and the court that I was doing everything in my power to learn from my mistake, and to try to right my wrong.

    I received a Probation Before Judgement, with 6 months unsupervised probation (meaning I had no further actions to complete once my court hearing ended). And compared to the other DUI cases that were heard before mine, I was easily the most prepared person in the courtroom that day. I credit this to Rick.

    I can't recommend Rick enough...he is a true professional. He will give you the guidance you need to improve who you are, and that will not go unrecognized by the court.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I recommend Mr. Richard Lurye to anyone seeking an Excellent and capable lawyer

    I really recommend Mr. Richard Lurye to anyone seeking a good and capable lawyer.
    He is:
    - an Excellent Lawyer,
    - intelligent,
    - knowledgeable,
    - professional,
    - humble,
    - patient man,
    - caring man,
    - but, most importantly, he is very humane.
    I hired Richard in February 2014 and my date court was scheduled in October the same year. At the time, I was disturbed because it was my first time to be arrested in my life.
    When I received a DUI, it was after being involved in a car accident (but I was alone in the car), I was therefore dealing with both emotions and healthy problems. This being my first offense/ DUI ever, I was feeling very nervous and wanted to find the best Lawyer. I therefore surfed on internet to google Maryland Lawyers and see how I can contact them. While most of the lawyers I saw on internet had good track records, only Mr. Lurye inspired a lot of confidence considering his profile and his experience and decided to give him a call. It was an afternoon. He asked me if I could go to see him the following day and explain my situation to him. We sat together in his office and gave me sound advice before I even hired him.
    I’m a foreigner, new in US at time, and my English was not good and, therefore, I could not speak properly to him because I missing suitable expression to explain him my case. But he always made sure I understood what he was telling me. He was really patient with me. He even taught me how to speak properly in order to be understood.
    Mr. Luyre offered me an excellent consultation, keeping me at ease while discussing a number of options I had. I appreciated his approach, not overly optimistic but also not overly pessimistic; just very specific about what can happen according to my case. He played a role of a very good teacher to me! He asked me all the details and specifics about my family life, education, career, but also about the arrest. He was really genuinely concerned for me and my well-being throughout the whole period and process. He was always asking questions about my Family, since he knew that I came in this country for job purposes.
    Mr. Lurye is really a very knowledgeable lawyer about the entire DUI process. He took his time to teach me the legal process behind DUI cases and all the possible outcomes from these cases. He is very patient. As I said above, my English was not good, and I was always asking him to repeat what he was telling me, but he did not get nervous about that. He suggested me a “list to do” while waiting the court date, which I completed (all of the items on his "checklist") after almost 6 months. This checklist included notably doing “community services”, attending a “PADD class”, the “Right Turn”, “reading a book about alcohol addiction”, and attending “alcohol counseling classes”. He also advised me to install an interlock system in my car. I decided to follow all his advices to the letter because I knew that all these would contribute to a very favorable outcome in the court. The outcome was probation before judgment with 364 days of unsupervised probation. This outcome was really a real relief for me.
    I thank you so much, Dear Richard Lurye, you really defended me as you would defend a member of your own family.
    I am sincerely grateful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Extremely Helpful and Experienced

    Mr. Lurye was everything I could have asked for during this difficult time. In my case, I was very worried about the outcome. I refused to use the breathalyzer (bad choice) and was charged with a DUI/DWI after driving onto the curb.

    I cannot express how deeply depressed I was about the whole situation and what could have happened. Nonetheless, Mr. Lurye immediately gave very detailed counsel and advice when I called. Furthermore, he met with me on a weekend and got me ready to take the next steps in my case. Mr. Lurye suggested I complete various programs and I did so. He was extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable. He responded whenever there was a true need for a response and if an emergency was taking place, he was extremely quick to respond.

    As a result, I was extremely lucky and had the most favorable outcome possible - in whole I attribute this to Mr. Lurye's suggestions and following through with them. The process is time consuming, financially devastating, and emotionally draining....but Mr. Lurye is a kind and helpful man who will get you through it all.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Its good to know Rick

    Richard Lurye is a caring, accomplished, and compassionate man.

    Rick, as he is often called, effortlessly demonstrated this from our first initial phone conversation all the way through to our final handshake as we departed the courthouse together. Via thorough processes and diligent planning , Mr Lurye left our team very well prepared for our day in court. Decades of service helping people has allowed Mr Lurye to accumulate a wealth of legal knowledge which he readily made available to me via in person visits at his home, phone conversations, text messages, and emails.

    The capstone of my experience with Rick was the actual court hearing. Mr Lurye masterfully took command of not only my case, but the audience in the courtroom, as well. From the courts reaction, it was clear that Rick is a know and respected figure in his profession. His eloquent soliloquy to the listeners , was based on fact and presented my case in the best possible light.

    I truly feel that with the help of Mr Lurye, I received the most favorable outcome from the judge. That being said, if I or a loved were ever to face a similar legal predicament, I would not hesitate to seek out Mr Lurye and request his excellent service.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    A True Blessing!!

    I received my 2nd DUI charge in 2014, and I was very nervous the first time I met Mr. Lurye, but he was able to immediately put me at ease. Mr. Lurye was knowledgeable, personable, and he listened very well, but his best character trait is that he TRULY cares about his clients. Mr. Lurye took care of all my paperwork, and took the time to advise me of my rights. He was very clear when he explained things to me, and he always ended by saying " do you have any questions". My Lurye is very easy to talk to, and he has a great personality. Please know that Mr. Lurye will do the best he can to assist you with your legal issue, and he expects you to do the same. Meaning, he fully expects you to take care of business, in a timely manner, because he wants the best outcome for you.

    I recently went to court, and I received a very favorable outcome. Much better than I expected. I'm am currently on probation for a year, but I did not face any jail time, I did not have to put the interlock on my car, and I did not have to do any additional volunteer work.

    I FULLY endorse Mr. Lurye as a very good attorney, and I also FULLY endorse him as a great person.