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Shawn Charles Whittaker

Shawn Whittaker’s Answers

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  • Can I refile a Motion for Alternate Service (DOM REL 70) if it was denied because it was not notarized?

    I am trying to obtain sole physical and legal custody of my son. I filed my papers and was not told that they had to be notarized and my forms were denied due to that. Am I allowed to refile the papers again?

    Shawn’s Answer

    You can always re-file a document. What the court does after you re-file is another issue. I doubt a motion was denied because it was not notarized.

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  • Will an LLC in De cover a business in Md also, business is home improvements and husband is obtaining Md Home Improvement licens

    DE requires Home Improvement company to have LLC. Will this LLC cover both businesses, the DELA and now Maryland one? One tax ID number?

    Shawn’s Answer

    You can register the Delaware LLC as a foreign LLC in Maryland. But yes, you will need a home improvement license in Maryland for home improvements in Maryland. Corporate registrations and licenses are separate issues.

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