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Mark B Weinberg

About Mark Weinberg

About me

My practice focuses on Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organizations and the people whose philanthropy makes them possible.  As general counsel for many nonprofits, I am familiar with the compensation, lobbying and political activity restrictions under which they labor, and the legal and ethical ways in which to complyt with these.  Much of my work concerns audits on Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organizations by the Internal Revenue Service and internal disputes among members, officers and directors/Trustees.


Estate Planning is important for everyone, but especially those with estates large enough to be taxable.  As development counsel to several large nonprofit organizations, I am familiar with both the needs of donors and the institutions they support when it comes to developing and implementing an estate plan.


My motto is "Seek Creativity," and that is why I suggest you visit the Art Gallery at my firm's website,, where over 25 images that I have drawn and painted over the past 15 years are on display.