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  1. Do I receive everything what I ask for If my husband does not appear in the final divorce hearing? We have no children.

    Answered about 2 months ago.

    1. Jeffrey B Henry
    2. Edward Amourgis
    3. Gordana Schifanelli
    4. Denise Martinez Scanziani
    5. Tony Anthony
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    I agree. When your spouse does not appear for trial to argue their case and present evidence, then your spouse's defense will not be heard. If you have a valid property agreement, you can admit that into evidence. However, if the agreement for some reason is invalid or you otherwise do not introduce the agreement to the court, you will have to testify as to what marital property you both have. Just keep in mind that the court cannot generally transfer ownership in property like cars and...

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  2. Will spouse get anything out of divorce if she did not sign papers nor show up for status conference?

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Jay B. Shuster
    2. Edward Amourgis
    3. David Raymond Mahood
    4. John Edgie Russell
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    The main question is whether she filed an answer to the complaint. If not, your boyfriend would need to file and obtain a default. She cannot get anything when in default. If she files an answer and contests any aspect of the divorce, it would get more complicated. Your boyfriend should consult an attorney for legal advise on his case.

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  3. Should I file Chapter 7 or voluntarily turn over my vehicle and beg for them to not come after me for the deficiency?

    Answered 2 months ago.

    1. Nathan Asher Berneman
    2. Edward Amourgis
    3. Kenneth Joseph Schneider
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    I agree with Nathan's answer. Although you can attempt to avoid bankruptcy by attempting to return the property, the creditor usually will demand a partial payment of the total balance rather giving you a total writeoff of the debt. Either way, your credit report may also show the writeoff. The creditor may also just put your account in collection status and chase you for the debt after you return the property (car). If appropriate, bankruptcy is a simplier process, but there are...