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Mindy Felinton

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    When Only the Very Best Will Do

    In 2014, my 90 plus year old mother was in immediate need of an experienced and highly competent estate planner to assist in arranging her business and personal affairs. Although I am a licensed, practicing attorney, estate planning is not my area of expertise. I, however, know enough of the law on wills and estates to know that there's little or no margin for error; a simple miscalculation in this practice can result in irreparable/irreversible harm, or even defeat, entirely, the sole purpose for planning. After scrutinizing the credentials of a number of estate planners, we selected and contacted Mindy Felinton. Ms. Felinton responded promptly to my mother's call for assistance with an invitation to meet immediately thereafter. Ms. Felinton won our confidence at our very first meeting and that confidence has done nothing but grow ever since. We were impressed not only by the sheer depth and breadth of Ms. Felinton's knowledge, but also by her energy and enthusiasm, which, by the way, show no signs of diminishing. That first contact was almost a year ago; the peace of mind engenderd by Ms. Felinton's professionalism, competence, diligence and attention to detail has grown steadily ever since. At the end of the day, Ms. Felinton's plan, presentation, packaging, follow-ups, updates, news letters, and continuing support are, in a phrase, "strictly top shelf" in every respect. We were quite fortunate to have found this combination of knowledge, skills and abilities -- expertise -- when needed most. When only the very best will do, you would do well to retain the legal services of Mindy Felinton!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    Outstanding & thorough

    Instilled confidence by her breadth of knowledge. Most impressed with communication style when speaking to my hearing impaired 90 year old father. Mindy makes direct eye contact , speaks loud and slow and respectfully. Dad has trouble understanding almost everybody, but Mindy has a knack of explaining in a style that's clear. And she really knows her subject matter. 5 stars!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brenda

    Client Centered

    Mindy listens to your needs, presents the options, answers your questions, is very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of estate planning.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by pan

    Very good service

    We setup a trust and will. Very nice service and staff

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Faye

    Compassionate, knowledgeable and an overall great attorney

    Mindy's suggestions and recommentions for my husband and I were right on the mark. She seemed to know just exactly what we needed to guarantee the best possible results and both my husband and I were extremely pleased. She followed up with us at all points and never left us in the dark about what was to happen. We felt comfortable with her and her suggestions. Mindy was thorough and explained each step along the way in language that we both understood. Her strenths and compassion were always evident and even after the passing of my husband, Mindy was there for me.
    Our selection of Mindy as our attorney to put our "elder affairs" in order was a smart move on our part. Even after the papers were signed and everything finalized, Minday remains a good friend to me and I would feel comfortable calling on her should the need arise.
    Thank you Mindy for being part of my life

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by a Elder Law client

    Caring, Sensitive, and a Happy Result

    My siblings and I hired Mindy about a year ago to help us navigate the complexity of medicaid planning and elder law for our elderly parents. The year had unexpected turns and bumps along the way, but Mindy was patient with our many questions, supportive, and always responsive. I am especially thankful that she always answered my mother's questions with kindness. I think it was entertaining at times dealing with our large family, and Mindy took it all in stride.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jude

    An Amazing Attorney!!

    Ms. Felinton was more than an attorney to both my Mother and me..she was a comfort..and became a freind to us both. She handled our business professionally and always with our best interests in mind. She never waivered in her attention to our needs..even when circumstances made that difficult. She allowed me to lean on her during a most difficult time..and completed the task of settling my Moms estate..when it became apparant that I was emotionally unable to...

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rafael

    Warm Hearted

    My family was in search of an individual who could help us in caring for my parents financial and legal issues. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my mother was trying to care for him. But when she could no longer, we were forced to search of a nursing home. After a few visit to local Nursing Homes my family quickly realized the cost of a Nursing Home would bankruptcy my mother in no time. So our only hope was Medicaid. The process was so complicated we needed assistance so the Montgomery County Social Services of Rockville, MD recommended Ms. Mindy Felinton, who happens to be located in Rockville. My sister did a little background on Ms. Felinton and in no time at all, realized she was the one who could help us.
    Ms. Felinton took us in as a new client and explained to us every step needed to obtain Medicaid for my father.
    As most know, to gain Medicaid can be an uphill taunting challenge. If it wasn’t for Ms. Felinton we would have giving up a long time ago. But with her help, hard work and passion we were able to receive Medicaid for my father and he is now out of the hospital and in a local Nursing Home. Once my Father was taken care of, we are now thinking of the long term care for my Mother. Ms. Felinton will be taking care of my Mother’s Living Will and any other legal issues my family will encounter in the near and distance future.
    I highly recommend Ms. Mindy Felinton to help anyone needing legal counsel for Elder Care or another legal matters, she can point you in the right direction.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carol

    Lawyer Recommendation

    My husband and I sought out Ms. Felinton's services to help us with our estate planning...she did an excellent job. She also assisted in forming a Limited Liability Corporation for my husband's family and again did an excellent job. I would highly recommend her.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    Mindy Felinton "Raises the Bar" for Estate Planning Attorneys!

    I first contacted Mindy Felinton in March 2008 about preparing an Estate Planning package (Living Trust, Will, Advance Medical Directive, Durable Power of Attorney, etc) for my 93-year-old father, a MD resident. I'd had a brief phone conversation with several lawyers, and I selected Ms. Felinton (acting on behalf of my Dad), for reasons noted below.
    My Dad was, at the time, living with me in NY after my Mom's recent passing, and he was relying on my help and judgment. In my initial phone conversation with MD lawyers, as I explained my Dad's situation and his needs, Ms. Felintion was the ONLY attorney who offered condolences to my Dad and me about my Mom's passing BEFORE further discussion of the purpose of my call. Her immediate expression of sympathy communicated a warmth and sensitivity that was clearly lacking in the others.
    Importantly, Ms. Felinton also graciously adjusted her schedule to meet with us, since we were trying to Take Care of Business (including driving between NY & MD) around weekends, so that I'd miss less time from my job and my Dad wouldn't miss his scheduled physical therapy sessions. We really appreciated Ms. Felinton's understanding and flexibility in this regard (Other lawyers seemed reluctant to 'bend' their work schedules by even 30 minutes.).
    At our meeting in MD, Ms. Felinton quickly established an excellent rapport with my Dad (and with me) ... warmth and congeniality blended with business professionalism and legal expertise. Importantly, Mindy knows how to work very well with a "senior" population. She directed her attention and questions to my Dad, so that she could get to know him and HIS Estate Planning needs and wishes. Although I often asked questions and raised issues or concerns, Mindy always made a point to involve my Dad in the conversation and ascertain HIS wishes. My Dad, after all, was 'The Client' (and he afterwards commented that Mindy made him feel like a VIP!).
    Mindy clearly explained the documents she would be preparing, and she detailed the cost of her services, again making sure my Dad understood everything.
    At our second meeting, Mindy presented and again explained each document, noting how each contained provisions reflecting my Dad's stated wishes. HOW she "managed" this meeting was important: It wasn't a somber or morose occasion; rather, she emphasized the security and peace-of-mind that estate planning documents provide. The meeting was "upbeat," incorporating warmth and humor. On the drive back to NY, my Dad turned to me and said, "Thanks, kiddo! I'm relieved everything's 'in place' -- and I know I've got a GOOD lawyer!"
    The "measure" of a 'good' lawyer ISN'T based solely on the quality of the relationship between a lawyer and his/her client; the better "measure" of a 'good' lawyer is the quality of the work that the lawyer provides. And the OUTSTANDING legal work of Mindy Felinton proved to be invaluable.
    In December 2008, my Dad went to Germany with my sisters for a holiday trip. They had a great time, until my Dad developed chest pains on New Year's Day 2009. He was admitted to a hospital in Berlin, diagnosed with pneumonia, and his condition quickly worsened ... He contracted a deadly bacterial infection, went into septic shock, was placed on a respirator, and suffered complete kidney failure (requiring dialysis). After a family consult with doctors, I returned to NY to get my Dad's "important papers" and then returned to Berlin. After my Dad had been 14 days on a respirator and was unresponsive to treatment, we knew there was no hope of his recovery or his return to any semblance of normalcy, and we were faced with The Decision.
    It wasn't easy, especially dealing with the medical system (and laws) of a foreign country ... TRAVELLERS, BEWARE: All the "rules" change if you're outside the USA. The hospital wouldn't accept the Health Care Proxy my Dad had executed in NY in 2007, saying it was "broad, not specific."
    Fortunately (for my Dad and we kids), the hospital COULDN'T refuse to accept and acknowledge t