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Bruce L Stern

Bruce Stern’s Legal Guides

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  • Can I get Divorced in Maryland if I am Still Living With my Spouse?

    Can you get divorced in Maryland if you are still living with your spouse? Watch this video guide and find out.

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  • Don't Do Anything Stupid During Divorce Litigation

    Every time I meet with a divorce client, I give them the same advice: Don't do Anything Stupid. It is the best advice a divorce lawyer can give their clients. Watch this video to see why.

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  • Pets and Divorce: Often a Dog-Gone Tough Issue

    NBC's The Today Show ran a storylast yearabout a New Yorker who paid over $60,000.00 in legal fees fighting with his ex-girlfriend over their dog. Apparently, the ex-girlfriend took the dog to California and the boyfriend wanted it back.This story reminded me of a case I had in M...

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  • Divorce & Personal Property: Don't Overlook Valuable Marital Assets

    This guide provides an overview of issues involving personal property that may arise in high dollar divorce cases in the State of Maryland. Among other recommendations,we suggest that divorce litigants create a written, as well as video and photographic inventory of all their personal property.

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