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Michael F Callahan

Michael Callahan’s client reviews

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  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lale

    It is my privilege to recommend Michael F Callahan to anyone in need of an attorney. Mr. Callahan is an excellent lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable on the field of family law and a master at how to deal with complex issues which, can arise during the course of a case. Mr. Callahan is very meticulous and detail oriented and, leaves no room for disputes from other side' attorney.
    Few years ago My Husband asked for a divorce, he agreed to my terms and I agreed to give him uncontested divorce. We have signed a contract. After the divorce he started giving me grief at times. He has threaten to hire "the best lawyer" as he called it so, he can void the contract we had.
    At the end of last year he decided that, he did not wanted to honor the contract anymore. I was very much cornered in so, I have decided to fight this out. I hired Mr. Michael F Callahan to represent me. Mr. Callahan worked very hard to get the case resolved. He informed me every
    step of the way. Because of MR Callahan's persistence, the case was resolved without going to the trial which, saved me additional funs. I recommend Mr. Michael F Callahan wholeheartedly and I thank him for his expertise and hard work.

  • Michael Callahan is tops!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Mike represented me in a very contentious alimony and support modification proceeding. He could not have done a better job.

  • Catharsis from Child Custody Woes

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eveline

    Mr. Callahan is being highly recommended due to his ability to legally get me what I want. An unlikely move to the middle east, with my son, was possible due to his expertise. Although a court ordered visitation schedule restricted the residential arrangements I could make, Mr. Callahan was able to successfully present the benefits of a single mom and her child moving out of Washington, DC and moving into the middle east--no small feat. Due to his legal direction, my son and I are in an unlikely but happy lifestyle--living in the middle east travelling and learning. My son is studying Arabic; I read more than I have in years. I could have never moved to the middle east without my son. Without Mr. Callahan we, abiding by law, would have remained under a physically and psychologically debilitating court order. Therefore, I am very grateful to Mr. Callahan who successfully handled the worst issue in my life--child custody.

  • This lawyer is a joke!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mike Callahan did a horrible job representing me in my divorce matter. He was extremely passive and agreed to everything my ex-husband's attorney asked for. Honestly, I advise you to look for another attorney. This guy will NOT represent your best interests.

    Michael F Callahan’s response: “I try to settle all the cases that can be settled on terms that benefit my client. I also work to make sure that my client completely understands the agreement. I never agree to a settlement or a partial settlement that my client has not authorized. This anonymous post is from a person who did not make their dissatisfaction known to me. I am willing to litigate every case to completion that cannot be settled satisfactorily to my client.”
  • Resolute pursuit of justice and wise counsel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    In 2007, after forty-three years of marriage, I found myself in a contentious divorce battle that left my trust shattered and my emotional and physical health on the wane. I tried to amicably work with my former spouse and his attorney regarding an equitable separation of our assets, but that proved futile as they contrived to eject me from my home of forty-one years and leave me destitute with a token distribution of assets. I knew that I needed a lawyer but finding one seemed nearly as arduous as the divorce itself. I met with several attorneys who seemed to froth at the mouth at the idea of engaging in a vicious divorce proceeding. However, I did not want to fight “fire with fire,” as I was often encouraged to do, if it would hazard my integrity and my personal convictions.

    I entered Mike Callahan’s office and immediately knew that he was the attorney I needed for my case. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew that he was brilliant, persistent, and passionate about justice and fairness without the “scorched earth” rhetoric of the previous attorneys I spoke with. His calm, stable demeanor put me at ease. He maintained this calm stability even through the questionable tactics and delays created by the attorney of my former spouse, but was relentless in his pursuit of what he claimed was rightfully mine. Do not be misled by his serene demeanor. He will fight to ensure that you receive a fair and just resolution.

    Mike Callahan makes you feel as if you are his only client and that a favorable outcome of your case is a personal goal of his. He does this with compassion, professionalism, and constant communication. He responded to emails and phone calls efficiently, always made me aware of my options, and offered wise counsel when discussing a course of action.

    In the end, in spite of what previous attorneys stated, I received all the assets to which I was rightfully entitled. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and my interactions with Mike Callahan. I definitely recommend his services.

  • The only lawyer in the Washington D.C. area that could pull the sword out of the stone

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    Mike Callahan is without doubt the most intelligent attorney I have ever engaged. Nine years ago, after about 30 years of marriage to a very wealthy and prominent Washington attorney, my husband walked out of that marriage suddenly, much to the shock and horror to me and our children. I hired three very well known prominent Washington lawyers one by one. Not one of them was able to handle the vicious legendary lawyer that my now ex husband had hired. Five years after the divorce was final., there was a huge open whole in the settlement., I had been completely stripped of all my assets and in total despair. Michael Callahan was the only attorney that was intelligent and capable of dealing with the issues that I faced. He never gives up on his clients, He will not be bullied by his clients adversaries. He can see what is coming and predict the next play six moves ahead like a cunning chess player. In your your initial meeting with him he may appear quiet and reserved. This is the sound of a brilliant mind processing the whole picture. Divorces like mine are arduous and painful. Mike is as able to process his client's feeling better than any domestic lawyer I have encountered.He never loses his cool and perseveres without hinderance. I only wish I had known about him when this whole thing came down nine years ago. He closed this case and left me with my dignity and a fair and stable settlement, something none else was able to do.. I am finally able to move on in my life. I could not recommend any domestic attorney more than Mike Callahan. You will be well protected, informed ,and yes even happy with the outcome. He can slay the worst of dragons and remain a constant gentleman throughout your ordeal.