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David E Tompkins

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  • At fault accident and being sued

    Hey I got into a car accident a year ago and now I am being sued. The accident was my fault and my insurance did what they could. I no have a car because it was totaled. Therefore I no longer have insurance to help me with the suit. I am a college...

    David’s Answer

    Not to worry... If you had insurance at the time of the collision, you are still covered now for that accident. So, if you had insurance when the collision occurred, your insurance carrier should take care of you. That means:

    In Maryland, they have an obligation to attempt to settle the matter within your policy limits, if possible;
    to provide you with a defense, and to pay a judgment against you up to the limits of liability you purchased.

    Contact the insurance company you had at the time of the accident NOW. Get a human being to respond to you. Provide your claim number and policy number. Once you get human on the phone, get a fax number and fax the suit documents you got right away. They will provide you with a lawyer FOR FREE (actually, you paid for it with your premiums.)

    If you had insurance, relax. Notify them of the suit and they will continue to defend you.

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