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  • Need Real Estate Attorney Consultation for New Home Purchase Contract - Can we get out of this contract

    On 6/16, we made offer to purchase a new home with builder and gave check for $20k. We withdrew our offer within the 5 days period although check cashed before. on 7/2 , Sales Rep made husband new offer which he accepted and signed by himself ...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    You really need to contact an attorney who can review the exact contract language. Your rights generally speaking will arise from the contract, which is s complicated document, and from various consumer protection laws. It sounds like you need a detailed analysis of your options and probably need an attorney to take over the negotiations.

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  • I missed a court date for a traffic ticket should I be worried about anything?

    Traffic ticket

    Lawrence’s Answer

    Yes. You are a "fail to appear". Bench warrant if issued will mean getting taken to jail if you run across police at any other occasion. You should go talk to an attorney. You may be able chuck the status on the maryland judicuary case search web site. If you see warrant you should be able to go pay the fine as bail at district court and then come to court. But talk to a lawyer. Some offenses will require that you turn yourself in and be processed. (I.e arrested and then taken to commissioner for bail).

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  • Best lawyer to sue for botched contracting job? And he had no liscence. I am sueing for over 10,000.00.

    Mr. Philmore Green was the contractor. He said he worked with P&G contractors. They no longer exsist. Now I have to sue Mr. Green personally. I had to have another contractor come in because my house was almost unliveable. I feel as though Mr. Gre...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    No license cases are particular beasts. Generally speaking you get to recover regardless of whether this job was botched. You are entitled to get your money back. PLUS, you can get damages for the actual harm done and costs of repair.

    But you need to present things correctly. I've been on both sides of this fence for clients over the years and a slick attorney can make it tough to recover if you don't move correctly.

    You also may have the option of letting the home improvement commission go after them for you. But you really should contact an attorney about your specific facts before you make any decisions on how to proceed.

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  • Employer unable to Pay for Overtime

    Hi, I own a small homecare agency. I send my employees to clients home to assist them with personal care needs. My company get paid by Medicaid and unfortunately the pay is not enough to pay overtime to my staffs. I have staffs who want to work ov...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    DO NOT allow them to work OT without paying them. If you have more work hire new prople part time instead.

    I have litigated these cases on both sides of the fence. You are NOT allowed to work them more than 40 hours without paying OT. crying poverty doesn't change the law.

    You will regret it if you do as they ask.

    There may be some other strategies you can employ. You should consult with an attorney about that.

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  • What course of action do i have with a car accident that wasn't my sister's fault?

    My sister had a car accident and it was determine it was the other driver's fault but apparently the police officer's police report is missing or wasn't file this was 2 weeks ago and still nothing. Her insurance is refusing to pay for her medical ...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    Your sister needs to talk to an attorney right away. Sometimes it takes a little time for the police report to get filed. But, that shouldn't stop things. If she has health insurance, she should use it --- worry about the accident stuff later. As a practical matter you've got to worry about health first. The bills can get paid later when the insurance issues are sorted out.

    The auto insurance carrier isn't going to just pay the medical bills the same way as your health insurance company. Her own auto policy probably has a PIP coverage component which should cover at least $2,500 of the bills. She can just ask her ins company about that.

    Ultimately, the other driver's ins will have to pay the rest of the bills, but that just doesn't happen up-front.

    Call a personal injury litigator near you right away and get the process started.


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  • Someone hit me in the rear yesterday and I am wondering: 1. What I need to do next? 2. Is it best to report to my insurance too?

    The driver said she just didnt stop in time when I asked what happened, but then followed her statement by asking me if I "stopped short." When she hit me, I was jolted, though I, and everyone in my car was seat-belted. I have a few concerns. I di...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    Call insurance. Other driver insurance should take care of things. If any problem with that then call your ASAP and key them deal with it. If you were injured, call an attorney ASAP so that proper early investigation is conducted.

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  • Do I need a personal injury attorney?

    Hi, My name is Christopher Rodriguez. I am the father of a 4 year old who was involved in a car accident, on Monday June 15, 2015. My daughter, Chrislyne Rodriguez, was in a 2003 Honda Accord that was hit by a Don Pepino tractor trailer driven by...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    Oh my, I'm so sorry for your loss and pain Yes, attorneys need it right away to investigate in this kind of serious accident. Your brand of this family should also retain counsel.

    In these types of cases, the insurance company has already sent investigators to the scene of the accident is already making conclusions that could affect your recovery.

    The only way to ensure Barrozo have.

    Call us attorneys who practice in this area probably will be happy to take your call weekend and by cell phone.

    Please call today one of the fine avvo attorneys.

    Larry Holzman. (Accident lawyer)

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  • I am owed money for hours worked and a returned check plus fees and the employer refuses to pay me.

    I work as an engineer in the hospital,which hires the company I work for to fill their open slots.I worked a number of hours and this contract company refuses to pay me no reason given.I have copies of texts and letter I sent to the person who wri...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    Oh my ! That's terrible. Fortunately, the Md Wage Payment Act and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act both protect you on this issue. You should contact at attorney right away. There can be issues of timing that you should be careful about -- so contacting an attorney quickly is important. There are provisions in the law that provide for collection of attorney's fees from the employerl. Plus, if your employer fails to pay wages "as and when due" then you MAY be eligible to collect either double or triple damages depending on the circumstances.


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  • I was in a car accident in Mar 2015 that hurt my neck and lower back. I went to my Dr a few days after the accident.

    I still am in pain, now Jun 2015. The lady who rear ended me totalled my car and I was only given 4 days to get another car as the rental was to be taken away. I panicked since I didn't have the money for another car, so I was forced to cash out ...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    You need to talk to a lawyer right away. You will not get what you need without one. The insurance companies will take advantage of you because without legal counsel you present no threat of litigation.

    It sounds like you've already made some mistakes. Call someone today who can guide you through the rest of this process. 4 days rental is rediculous! I or any competent attorney would make sure you get what you deserve out of the rest of the process.


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  • How can my license be suspended after I paid my ticket fines? And why am I being. Hanged again and again?

    I got a speeding ticket in PA Feb 2013 and entered a guilty of a lesser charge down to 5mph over the speed limit. I had finished making late payments over a monthly and thought I was done. They suspended my license and I just found out that they d...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    There is a whole John Oliver episode recently about this type of thing all over the country. You may need to pay the money up front (just to make sure no warrant is issued) and then actually get a PA attorney to go over to the courthouse and sort it all out for you. Certainly costly, but probably less so than getting picked up on a bench warrant the next time you have tail-light out if it turns out that somehow even complying again they still think it isn't enough.

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