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Spencer Ault’s client reviews

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  • Attorney Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jennifer

    I hired this Attorney in 2010 to handle my bankruptcy case, and to date, it has not occurred. He did not inform me that he was facing disbarrment and has not returned the money I paid to him, after numerous requests. Do not hire this "attorney" for anything!

  • Disbarred attorney- Unethical, Dishonest, Untrustworthy

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Birth Injury client

    This attorney has now been disbarred in Virginia AND Maryland for extensive and numerous counts of misconduct. He was still actively representing me as my attorney and did not inform me he had been disbarred for months. He tried repeatedly to make financial demands against costs in my cases and I arranged a private accounting of the money I had paid to him for invoices in my cases. A massive amount of money went missing that was to have been applied to legal bills in my cases. He lied to me about the uses of funds and paying bills in my cases. I never found out where the money really went but they live in this 10,000+ Sq foot B&B. So. then I found out he was disbarred for making loans against trusts he was supposed to be guardian of. He misfiled paperwork in a major case and lost us our right to a jury trial and failed to tell us. He misrepresented the progress and status of our cases to mislead us into believing they were progressing well. He lied about firing consultants / experts who had not performed on our cases and I ended up being sued directly by them because they apparently had no knowledge that they'd been fired, or they did, and just took advantage of his disbarment. I had to hire other attorneys to non-suit our cases, and represent us in the suit that his actions caused, who after exhaustively researching the cases confirmed our worst fears: That there was never enough of a basis of experts or evidence to have pursed them the way he did and that he was a pathological liar who'd been extorting money from us. We thought Spencer Ault was a Christian, gentle natured, honest, hard working lawyer. Instead we learned he was a scam artist. I hope the Bar never gives him his licenses to practice back because he has no business ever practicing on behalf of people in need again, for any reason after what he put our family through.