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Eric James Demetriades

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When I was six years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be a lawyer. They probably thought "how cute" and being encouraging as parents are, they just smiled and nodded. Although at that age I could not  appreciate what it truly meant to be a lawyer, I never wavered. My goal and purpose always seemed crystal clear. I wanted to and would be a lawyer.

I remember negotiating with my parents everything from chores to dessert. Eating vegetables that I believed to be disgusting (brussels sprouts for instance), could be negotiated depending on what sort of dessert compensation I received. When I was in elementary school, I would negotiate with my friends just who in our group would be the "leader" for the day. I wasn't trying to make myself the leader; I wanted to ensure everyone had their turn, because it was fair and right. I liked being able to make sure that the each kid had their turn and were not taken advantage of by the other kids.

Arguing became a passion of mine, and negotiating became a fixture in my life. In high school, I qualified for and competed in the Forensic Nationals in both my junior and senior year. In college, I was the Chief Justice of the Interfraternity Council. As Chief Justice, I was responsible for overseeing the hearings and ultimately deciding the fate of fraternities on campus. This position strengthened my dedication to justice. While at the University of Richmond School of Law, I was active on nearly every competition board, and spent my entire third year at law school as an intern with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. At the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, I gained valuable experience and knowledge on how the criminal justice system works. Most importantly, I learned how important it was for a defendant to have the right attorney. This reinforced my belief that everyone going through the criminal justice system deserves to have the best representation.

These experiences have helped to develop my style as an attorney. I maintain the same desire to protect the rights of others and to make sure that they are not taken advantage of by the system. I am committed to each and everyone of my clients. If you choose to have me as your lawyer, I will stand next to you as your advocate and give you everything I have, because I love what I do and am fortunate to be doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was six. My mission is to help those who need me and to do my best to ensure justice. At Biberaj & Snow every client matters, from a traffic ticket to a serious felony, and you will absolutely get the same passion and commitment regardless of your situation.