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Buta Biberaj

About Buta Biberaj

About me

I love being a lawyer.  Each day I am grateful for the opportunity to use my education, training and experience to help my clients through some of the most difficult times that they experience in life.  While attending the George Mason University School of Law, I worked as a manager for PriceCostco (now Costco) Wholesale Club.  As a full time law student and employee, I developed strong time-management skills.  I was able to meet the demands of my studies without compromising the needs of my employer.  I continued to advance within the company and was placed in charge of employee training and development.  After law school, I applied the skills I learned at Costco to my role as a lawyer. I was able to balance the need for knowledge, deadlines and productivity to deliver to my clients a great legal product be it counselling or representation.  My clients expect me to and I do apply that same tenacity and strong work ethics to the practice of law.  My clients consistently rate the legal counselling and representation they received as a rewarding one and are satisfied that they chose Biberaj & Snow, PC to be part of their team.  I treat my client's interests and well-being as my  paramount concern.  My approach in dealing with my clients is to be direct and no nonsense.  We are able to develop an honest and trusting relationship that makes us a stronger team. 

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