Motion to Reopen before the Immigration Judge

Ricky Malik

Case Conclusion Date:September 5, 2007

Practice Area:Immigration

Outcome:Removal (Deportation) order rescinded, case reopened, Greencard granted

Description:The Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. has represented numerous clients who have prior deportation or removal orders from an Immigration Judge. We pride ourselves on our success and tackle motions to reopen with relentless drive. To present brief abstracts of a few cases : Ana D. Ana entered the United States without inspection and was apprehended upon entry and imprisoned by Immigration until she was bonded out of incarceration. Ana had to attend Immigration Court, but did not attend a hearing in 1997 because her representative could not attend the hearing with her. Ana panicked with the news that she would have to go alone and failed to appear to her court hearing and was ordered removed in her absence (in absentia). Years later, Ana came to meet attorney Ricky Malik who researched and analyzed her case and discovered she could claim eligibility to adjust under a section of law, commonly known as 245(i). However, eligibility alone was not enough. Her matter had to first be reopened. Further, a foreign national who has been ordered removed after 1997 can only file one Motion to Reopen in their lifetimes. The pressure was on. The Law Offices of Ricky Malik, P.C. dug deep and found an avenue to have the Immigration rescind her deportation from over a decade ago, reopen the case, and after two contentious years of litigation, the Immigration Judge (the same one that ordered her removed) granted her Lawful Permanent Residence (Greencard) so she could remain and live legally in the United States. One of many success stories.