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Richard Martin Reed

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Diana

    Personal Injury- and previous experience

    Both Mr. Reed and his wife have worked on my personal injury case. They have kept me informed and are very knowledgeable in the process. They are professional and always on point with responses to the insurance company's attorney. The insurance company of the individual who rear-ended me at a traffic stop has refused to pay my medical bills. The Reed Law Firm, has been firm and professional in their request that the case be settled. I am confident that we will end up with a favorable outcome. I was previously represented my Ms. Reed in my divorce; I was very please with the representation I received during the divorce. Ms. Reed worked relentlessly, I felt very well represented, Ms. Reed took over my divorce case after a unpleasant experience with another female attorney who lacked in professionalism, ethics and compassion. I can't say enough about both Mr. and Mrs. Reed in the manner in which they have represented me. I was new to this area and did not where to turn when by chance I ran into an individual who highly recommended Ms. Reed to me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    Excellent advocate

    I hired Mr. Reed to represent me in a contested divorce. He kept me constantly informed and up-to date throughout the entire case. He was knowledgeable and a great advocate for me. He was great in the courtroom, and we got a complete victory in my opinion. I highly recommend Mr. Reed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cole

    Pre-nup agreement

    I worked with Both Richard and his wife/partner, Vanessa on a complicated and important pre-nuptial agreement. I found the entire firm to be absolutely first class. I was originally thinking I would go it alone and write up my own pre-nup using online searches to gather information. THAT would have been a huge mistake, they pointed out many items I would have missed had I done that.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Melvin

    Little Effort toward my Case (To Amend divorce decree/custody)

    1st, when I contacted the Reed Law Firm, I specifically said I was looking for a female attorney (Vanessa Reed) to represent me and we had less than two months to prepare. I was told Mrs. Reed could work my case once she return from Maternity leave in 10 days, but for now Mr. Reed will work with us. 2nd...after consultation, we hired the Reed Law Firm (paid $2500 + $250 consult fee), later we were told Mr. Reed would work the case. . ...3rd.. one-day after initial consultation, I handed Mr. Reed my entire file from previous attorney firm I was working with (female attorney took a new job). That file had everything our new attorney would need and we provided specific details. 3 very important things we (my wife and I) wanted presented in court: A. My son's below-grade school results 3 years in a row from lack of help from his mom, B. it was very difficult to communicate with the mother (we had 2 years of documentation) and C. the inconsistency of the mother's employment and continual evictions. In a meeting and via email, I informed Mr. Reed to contact the witnesses to see if he could use them before subpoenaing all witnesses. Eventhough the witness list was in the file I provided, Mr. Reed ask for the witness lists again. I provided the witness lists the very next day. Two of the original 7 names just didn't have a mailing address. 2 weeks past and Mr. Reed still hadn't contacted a witness. I contacted Mr. Reed several times via email about the witness list and it took days for him to respond. In the end because time was running short, Mr. Reed ended up sending out 6 subpoenas (prior to speaking to witnesses) and called only 3 to court. But I had to pay for the services of 6 subpoenas from 1st witness list (there were two witness list). . . 4th: Mrs. Reed started assisting Mr. Reed, but it was as if they either wasn't communicating or I believe Mr. Reed wasn't working on my case. . .Mrs. Reed sent me an email asking for my son school records from previous school and the witness list and a few other things...But I had already provided these things to Mr. Reed secretary twice already. . .this would be the 3rd time I was providing the same stuff (that was all in my file in the beginning, if they just reviewed the file)... I would email my attorney (Mr. Reed) inquiring about certain things on the case and I wouldn't get a response until I sent out a 3rd email with the same question, finally Mrs. Reed would respond (she wasn't my attorney, I never met her)... I met with Mr. Reed 4 business days before trial date to see what he prepared and he hadn't prepared anything... during this meeting, Mr. Reed asked had I turned in the school records yet... I had turned that in a 3rd time, 2 weeks prior to this meeting... he wasn't working on my case. I emailed Mr. Reed again 2 and 1 business days before court date inquiring about what he had prepared for court and to make sure he would bring up everything we requested, I never got a response back from Mr. Reed. The next time I spoke with him was outside the courtroom on court date... Court day, it was evident Mr. Reed wasn't prepared. His questions were too the wrong witnesses; he messed up specific events and he didn't bring up all key points we wanted; we got full-custody mainly because the defendant had no attorney and we were in a better financial position. When I received my final invoice from Mrs. Reed (a combination of all 4 invoices seeing for the first time) there were 7 or more charges I shouldn't have been charged for (2 were duplicates and an additional subpoena charge). Mrs. Reed removed 3 of the smaller charges but they refused to meet with me or have a phone conference to discuss the other charges. They sent my account to collections 18 days after I received final invoices eventhough I paid $250 on acct within 15 days and agreed to make a monthly payment until March when I would pay account balance off.. I was still receiving bills of services used for trial

    Richard Martin Reed’s response: “This exceedingly long and malicious review fails to highlight the following: 1. We delivered a complete victory in court, during which time, I was complemented by the Judge for my presentation. 2. The client previously fired at least one other attorney due primarily to his assertion that the attorney was "not working on [his] case". 3. In excess of 20 hours of attorney time were expended in preparation for this matter after the client retained us just six (6) weeks prior to trial. Twelve (12) pages of type written notes were prepared for the trial and an exhibit binder was prepared for submission to the court. The client asked for a copy of these materials via e-mail at 11:20 p.m. the night prior to trial. Not surprisingly, I did not reply immediately. 4. Seven (7) witnesses were prepared for trial via telephone and in person interview. Three (3) of the witnesses had to be interviewed on the day of court, due the client's refusal to provide their contact information. The witnesses were identified by the client five (5) days prior to trial. All work of the firm was halted while we made sure these witnesses were subpoenaed. 5. When the client verbally and in writing asserted that he did not have to pay his bill, after we expended great effort on a truncated time table, we not surprisingly, referred the matter to our collection firm. In short, the client felt that his warrantless assertion that we were unprepared for trial alleviated the need to pay for services rendered. He then posted this review in furtherance of that goal.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    The Reed Law Firm Review

    I would highly recommend Rich for your legal needs. He recently represented me for a minor traffic ticket and my case was dismissed by the court. Rich explained in detail what to expect from the court and all documentation I would need in advance to prepare for the hearing. The Reed Law Firm fees were fair and affordable for the service that was provided.