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Todd Lewis

Todd Lewis’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 12 total

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  • Professional and Talented Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marie

    Hired Attorney

    My husband and I are so happy with our decision to have Todd Lewis handle our legal issues. After reviewing and explaining our case to several other firms, Mr. Lewis was more qualified, confident, and we felt more personally invested in our case so we chose to have him represent us. He was professional. responsive, thorough and exceeded our objectives and goals. We are able to proceed with our life and not worry any more about any of the issues that were previously weighing on us, thanks to Mr. Lewis.

  • Want a quality lawyer you can count on?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Todd Lewis is a true professional. He aggressively services his clients and fees are reasonable. He does not assume. He investigates and researches to make sure his approach to resolution of issues is the best, the safest, the most likely to end favorably.

    Todd has years of experience in real estate development, finance, construction, landlord/tenant matters, foreclosures, and loan modification negotiation. I just recently called on him for much-needed advice. My issues are on their way to resolution in a condominium homeowner's association dispute.

  • Highly recommend this allstar for your corner!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chad

    To say that I'm happy with Todd's work is the understatement of the century. My wife and I were in limbo for months over an offer that we placed on our dream home that was in shortsale. I was referred to Todd by a good friend and Todd immediately took action when he learned of our situation. Within hours of our first communication, we had incredible progress, progress which we hadn't seen in 6 months prior to meeting Todd. But more importantly, he took the time to properly educate my wife and I on the entire process. The overwhelming sense of convidence that we had knowing that we had Todd in our corner was worth the world. We finally had an advocate that was looking out for our best interest, He was very personal and patient with my wife and I, but very aggressive with the associated banks and lawyers. He was always available for our questions, and returned any missed calls immediately. We hired a layer, and got a very talented one while gaining a new friend in the process. I can't see enough about the talent, knowledge, and personal skills of Todd Lewis, He's your guy!

  • Excellent Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary

    The most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life was filing for Bankruptcy. After I made the decision to go through with it, I asked my foreclosure attorney who was finalizing my foreclosure case who he could recommend as a bankruptcy attorney. He recommended the Bankruptcy Law Office of Mr. Todd Lewis. Todd did not disappoint. He thoroughly schooled me in the bankruptcy process, all the while reassuring me when I became anxious or concerned during the process. He was extremely organized, thorough, and as the end result of a successful Chapter 7 filing proves, extremely knowledgeable in all the aspects associated with bankruptcy. Although the technical aspects of the filing were important, the human aspect of Todd’s services is what I appreciated the most. He was not cold and aloof like many attorneys I have dealt with. He was personable and showed real concern over getting me through one of the most difficult stages of my life. I am forever grateful to him and his firm. I can say with confidence that when you hire Todd, you are implicitly hiring a “personal life coach” too. He took the time to listen about how my situation evolved, which helped alleviate the sense of failure that seems to come with making these difficult decisions. The result was more peace of mind during and after the process. Many thanks for everything you did for me Todd and I wish you the best of everything.

  • Knowledgable and Hard Working

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    Todd is a knowledgeable Attorney who works hard on his client's behalf. He communicates clearly and his background lets him envision a variety of scenarios and case outcomes.

  • Cheap But Inconsistent And Unreliable Response Times

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    Mr. Lewis is a personable and he appears to be well meaning but his disorganization and lack of response are the main reasons I give him 2 stars.
    He was over 45 minutes late for our first meeting. He shares office space so there was no receptionist to let me know why the office was locked and Mr. Lewis was not there. He eventually called me 20 minutes after the scheduled start time to say he would be there in 20 minutes.

    A young lady called me two weeks after our initial meeting to schedule a telephone conference with Mr. Lewis which I did. Three hours after the agreed call time the young lady called to reschedule the meeting. The rescheduled meeting time came and went with no response from Mr. Lewis or his office.
    The next time I heard from him was two weeks later on the 1st of the month asking for $500.00 to keep “working on the case”. I told him nothing had been done so far and I could not afford him anymore. He promised to e-mail me a termination statement for signature. Two months later I called him asking to have a mediator discuss with us the return of the original deposit. He called me to rant for 45 minutes and he then sent me the termination papers in the mail.
    I am out the $500.00 and my condo was foreclosed on without legal representation for myself. I am very disappointed with Mr. Lewis lack of professionalism.

  • "Holistic Approach"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    I was referred to Mr. Lewis because he specializes in multiple types of Law. I was facing the loss of my home to foreclosure and the one of the easiest way out is bankruptcy. Mr. Lewis listened to my story and "heard" what I had to say (no bankruptcy).. I wanted to approach my dilemma in a certain way and he was able to do do just that. In fact I will be using Todd in helping me restore my credit and basically rebuilding my life. Have an attorney to be able to work in so many areas, is very reassuring. His "Holistic Approach" to law was new to me, but it helps clients like me with multiple, interrelated problems at once.
    He made me one promise- that I would not lose my home; and he accomplished it without bankruptcy. Amazing, I highly recommend him.

  • Wonderful experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    Todd was took on our case quickly, continued to keep us informed during any/all changes to the case, and always took the time to hear our concerns. He answered all questions we had and gave us many options in how to utilize his services.

  • Todd Helped through a Crisis

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carlos

    I hired a "well known" law firm to handle some critical issues. My family and I were posted against the wall and time was of the essence. The "firm" did nothing for months. That's when Todd came into the picture. He handled our case aggressively and decisively. Not only were we able to pass this situation but he also got the other party to release extra funds we desperately needed to recover. I highly recommend him.

  • Todd saved me from foreclosure

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    After my husband passed away I thought I was going to file bankruptcy or foreclose on my home. Todd was very sensitive to my situation, kind to me and I found him to be very sincere and trustworthy.

    Todd explored all options and suggested a short sale.He knew the market environment and how to deal with the mortgage lender. Within 4 months we got an offer, the bank accepted and I closed on my home.

    Todd was very thorough and worked judiciously. He was a pleasure to work with and I would use him again if I have any legal issues in the future.