My sister and I have had a series of bad experiences with attorneys, with one notable exception: Calvin H. Cobb, III, who is my hero. My problem involved questions I had about my brother's handling of my mother's affairs-most notably his borrowing money on a line of credit he placed on her house I was to inherit. I engaged a reputable attorney but was unhappy with the outcome. She paid no attention to me, was dismissive of my concerns and after spending my retainer money filed a paper that did me no good. She then withdrew as my counsel. I heard good reports of Mr. Cobb so I called him. I had a very different experience. Mr. Cobb listened to me carefully explained to me my brother's point of view and where my grievances may be misplaced, directed me away from the points that were weak and focused my attention on the one legal theory that would allow me to solve my problem. We were able to efficiently convince the Court that my claim was valid and obtained a judgment requiring my brohter to pay off the line of credit. I was delighted both with the outcome and with the manner in which it was achieved. I hope I never need an attorney, but Mr. Cobb gets five stars in my book. I would not hesitate to give him the highest possible recommendation.