The nursing facility in which my Mother resided following a stroke hired an attorney who was not ethical, rude, not well trained, and made false statements about my family with regard to my Mother's estate. We were, in court documents, accused of illegal activity. My Mother had four daughters and only one of us received a copy og the letter from the probate court, which was sent by the attorney, that let us know that she was filing to be named administrator. I was personally paying the nusring home, and they never contacted me to discuss this action before they submitted the paperwork to the court. We had just a few days to respond, and I was on a business trip for most of those days. I called Constance G. Starks and she helped us through the process of submitting the necessary paperwork to the court. She stayed on top of everything, advising us through the final submission of the paperwork to closed out the estate. She researched the law and rebutted the ancient and irrelevant references from the nursing home in their allogations. She educated us throughout the process, which helped to keep us calm and everyone's blood pressure down. Attorney Starks knows the estate law well, and she is outstanding when it comes to getting through the bureaucratic maze of rules, regulations, procedures, etc. for the DC probate court system. We never had to worry, we never missed a date for necessary responses. She finally negotiated a settlement amount between us and the nursing home with their new attorney. She was always professional and responsive to our every call. We made it through this valley following our Mom's death only because of her guidance and perseverence.