David Wachtel

David Wachtel

About Me 

I'm proud and fortunate to be in a legal field that is challenging and competitive but also really human and basic.  


I've had over two decades of unforgettable clients, and the clients do the hardest part -- living their cases.  


I've had outstanding mentors and colleagues:  David Rose, the founder of Rose & Rose and the first Chief of the Employment Law Section in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and now Lynne Bernabei, my partner and a nationally-recognized lawyer for whistleblowers, Alan Kabat, a source for information on everything, and 5 of the best associates anyone could find.  


So if you are an employee looking for a lawyer and a law firm with passion and experience, and who always remember that this job is about the clients, Bernabei & Wachtel will be glad to hear from you.