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David P. Weber is Rolling Stone and Fox News-noted attorney and certified fraud examiner. Until May 2013, he was the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In this role, Mr. Weber served as the officer-in-charge of all criminal, civil, and administrative investigations into waste, fraud or abuse concerning SEC operations and programs. Prior to his employment at the SEC-OIG, Mr. Weber served as Chief of Enforcement Unit I, responsible for overseeing all banking enforcement and investigations involving state chartered banks and bank failures for the West Coast of the United States, at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC"). Previous to the FDIC, Mr. Weber served for more than a decade as the Special Counsel for Enforcement at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency ("OCC"). The OCC is the bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury responsible for the supervision and regulation of the national banking system. Prior to employment at the OCC, Weber served as the law clerk to a United States District Judge in New York. Now in private practice, Weber continues his public service as a Lieutenant Colonel JAG officer, currently attached to the Maryland Army National Guard as the appeals officer for the 70th Regiment. 


In addition to serving as a federal executive, Weber has also served as a federal labor union attorney and has represented a great many federal employees against accusations of misconduct.  Weber is one of the few DC metro area attorneys who has been on every side of the table in employee disputes. 


Weber's practice is focused on employment law, military law, fraud, banking, litigation, and general practice.  If you need counsel, we can probably help.  Please contact us for more infromation.