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Cheryl D Stein

About Cheryl Stein

About me

   I think that one of the most important functions of any lawyer is to keep clients informed and aware of all developments in their cases.  I pride myself on being able to explain the most complicated legal concepts in a way that anyone can understand.  I return calls promptly and keep my clients informed of all developments in their cases.

   I fight hard for all my clients.  Not all cases can be won, however, and not every defendant wants to fight the charges.  In those cases I believe that it is most important to get to know each client as an individual and to convey that understanding to the judge.  No one is defined by their worst acts.  I make sure to present a complete and well-rounded picture of the client so that the judge sees a complete human being and not just someone that made a bad choice.

    I teach Evidence at American University Law School and am an instructor at the Harvard Law School trial advocacy workshop. 

   Outside of work I have a lot of cultural interests.  I am an avid theater-goer,  attend the ballet and concerts, watch sports, and spend a lot of time with my dog.