Nellie T. Schulz

Nellie T. Schulz

About Me 


Background.   I am a client-oriented, results-driven, sophisticated, Ivy League attorney with over 25 years of experience at prominent Wall Street and Philadelphia law firms. Though I am licensed and in good standing in New York and Pennsylvania, I am currently limiting my practice to Pennsylvania law.  


Practice Areas


 -- Real Estate (commercial and residential)  -  representing owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, lenders and borrowers in virtually every type of real estate proble -  including leases, purchase and sale agreements, easements, and title issues


 --  Contracts and Business  - business and finance transactions, forming Limited Liability Companies and Business Corporations, other business entity formations and dissolutions,  - and a broad type of contracts, such as employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, LLC operating agreements, shareholders agreements, franchise agreements, purchase and sale agreements of businesses and assets, software licenses, notes, mortgages, bills of sale, and equipment and real estate leases


Creativity and Clarity   I believe in clarity -  in the way I write, the way I design a transaction and the way I keep my client informed.  I draft the necessary documents, negotiate them on behalf of my client, and conclude the matter in a time-sensitive manner.


Clients are Paramount.  The needs of each client are paramount.  I listen to my clients.  I care about them and in achieving the results they want. For instance, when you call me, I will answer, not my assistant.  If I am not available at the moment you call, I will return your call within hours whenever possible, not days or weeks later.  You can always reach me by text message and email which I answer frequently during the day.   


Fees.  I am sensitive to the financial pressures we all seem to be under these days. Though I always require an up-front payment, I am flexible as to whether the fee will be a one-time flat fee, an hourly fee, or other arrangement suitable to the client.


Free Initial Consultation   I do not charge for an initial consultation, which may last up to 20 minutes or more, depending on the client’s needs.


Litigation  I do not practice in the area of litigation.