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Commonwealth vs. Kirksey

Case Conclusion Date: 10.15.2012

Practice Area: Criminal Defense


Description: This is a home invasion robbery case out of Chester, Pennsylvania. On October 13, 2011, three black males wearing hoodies and masks broke into a home in Chester Pennsylvania. One of the black males had a black hand gun during the robbery. The men stole a purse, credit cards and jewelry from the victims. Minutes later, three black males were apprehended four blocks away from the scene of the crime. One had a gun, the other jewelry from the scene of the crime and my client had nothing on him other than a lighter. All three men were wearing dark clothing. Chester P.D. found the purse from the residence burning in a dumpster nearby. Evidence was admitted that a K-9 identified my client by barking at him while he was sitting in the back of the police cruiser after he had been arrested. My client was subsequently charged with robbery, burglary, conspiracy and carrying firearms without a license. The other two men pled guilty to state prison sentences my client opted for trial and faced 13 felony counts.

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