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Calvin T. Sun

Calvin Sun’s Legal Guides

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  • Understanding your EB-5 investment options

    The employment-based fifth preference immigrant visa classification, otherwise known as EB-5, allows aliens to receive US permanent residence (i.e. receive a "green card") through qualifying investments in the US. These investments must benefit the US economy, and also must gene...

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  • 10 Email Tips for Preventing Problems and Avoiding Aggravation

    1: Address the email only when it is ready to send Have you ever sent an email prematurely? The best way to avoid such a mistake is to leave the addressee field blank until you are positive the note

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  • Things to Do When You Resign

    #1: Write the resignation letter Even though a resignation letter might not be required, it’s a nice touch, and writing one is the professional thing to do. The letter needn’t be long. All it really

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  • Legal Terms that Information Technology Professionals Should Know

    Context and hypothetical situation To help put these terms in the proper context, let’s say that as part of a “reduction in force” initiative at your company, Stan, a manager there, laid off John, on

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  • What to Do When Ending Your Rental Housing Lease

    When the time comes for you to end your rental housing lease, follow these steps to protect your rights and especially to ensure that you receive a refund of your security deposit.

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  • Parking Without Ticketing I: Basic Parking Restrictions

    Parking on the street carries the risks of being ticketed or towed. This video, the first of numerous future ones, will discuss basic parking restrictions, and a way of analyzing a potential spot for possible violations.

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  • EB-5 Visas: Understanding The Relationship Between Regional Centers and Minimum Investment

    Invest in a Regional Center for your EB-5 green card, because your minimum investment is only $500,000, not $1 million. If you are an alien who wishes to get a green card, or know such a person, you may have seen or heard about messages like the one above in advertisements or on ...

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  • What to do when you end your rental housing lease

    The steps you should take when you end a rental housing lease, in particular to make sure you get your security deposit back.

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  • When you move out of your Pennsylvania rental housing

    What steps should you take when you move out of your Pennsylvania rental housing? This guide explains.

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