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Leo M. Flynn

Leo Flynn’s Client Reviews

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by kevin

    Great lawyer good guy but time is money and were still waiting

    Mr flynn and his associates are very nice people this is my first auto accident case so I dont kno the time frame for my families payout we've been dont our physical thearpy for 1 year 6months and our accident occured in sept. 2012 more than 2 years ago if another 6 or 7 months go past we're talking about our wait time being in the 3year range I see people on this review site thats satisfied with their case an some that are unsatisfied it would be nice if I did get a chance to talk to mr flynn but it seems my case was given to another lawyer at his firm I'm really starting to give up hope on this case due to lack of communication. I havent heard his voice via telephone or appointment since 2012!!!!!!!!

    Leo M. Flynn’s response: “I have an open door policy and all anyone has to do is call and come in. Puzzling that more people do not take me up on this offer.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Renee

    Worst representation ever!!!!

    Hiring Leo Flynn as my lawyer was the worst mistake I could have ever made. His staff is unprofessional. I called to asked a question about the ongoing case and was given generic answers that was obviously given to everyone that calls, and when I asked to speak to someone else who actually had access to my information got a completely different answer. I was spoken to rudely, hung up on and ignored. Never use this "person" because to say lawyer would be and insult to lawyers everywhere

    Leo M. Flynn’s response: “When a client calls and screams and abuses my staff, after being repeatedly given information, what is one left to do? I do not allow people to scream at or berate my staff, period. The current situation with the Department of Public Welfare and their inability to handle potential liens is creating friction with clients who want their money yesterday, but cannot get it due to liens. This is the bane of all personal injury clients in PA. We even give clients the contact information for the people who are allegedly handling these liens but the wait time is ridiculous. What is even worse is that somehow the attorney is to blame for the receipt of welfare benefits and the now pending lien pursuant to state law for cash and medical assistance, and the lack of the department in getting us information, despite numerous calls and letter plus faxes for such information. What is even more sickening is that if we pay the client, and then we get a final notice, and client will not pay, the attorney is subject to at least a $1000 fine. Oh well, this client got paid, owes a lien, and is mad when told repeatedly that the state is holding up her money.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill M.

    Leo did a wonderful job on my claim.

    Leo and his staff worked to insure I was kept up to date and informed about my claim. After two surgeries and some time to properly heal so we were sure there were no other health concerns we settled on a fair and just amount for my injuries. It took over a year but well worth the time to be sure no stone was left unturned. Thanks Leo I am back to riding my bicycle after that car rear ended me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dee

    Outstanding Representation

    I hired Leo after a terrible auto accident - I was t-boned (drivers side) by a vehicle that ran a stop sign. My Volvo was totaled, and my daughter and I were seriously injured. Leo was able to provide us guidance and counsel that resulted in a swift, fair settlement that allowed us to set aside our concerns and focus on healing.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Tanya

    unsatisfied client

    The secretaries were very very rude their not people oriented I never was able to meet or talk to the attorney Leo Flynn. They don't like to give you any information about the status of your case, so therefore I would not reccomend this attorney to anyone. It's been a year and six months and I still have not been paid but they say it's settled.

    Leo M. Flynn’s response: “This is one more situation with a DPW lien and our office being the recipient of calls for which no answer is available. They system is horrible and people get upset when their money is tied up to satisfy a DPW lien for benefits paid to them.”