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Thomas More Marrone

Thomas Marrone’s Answers

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  • Is it legal for an employer to deduct from wages for breaks not received?

    Place of business has begun taking out of wages for breaks although we do not receive or would even be difficult to take.

    Thomas’s Answer

    This might be a violation of state or federal wage and hour laws, depending upon other circumstances. You should consult with an experienced lawyer in this area.

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  • What are my rights as a renter to salvage my belongings after a house fire?

    My condo caught fire a few months ago and I have not had access to house, as it was deemed unsafe. I was told to wait for the demolition to go through the debris, hoping to salvage any of my belongings and valuables. Three months have passed and s...

    Thomas’s Answer

    write to the landlord and demand that all of your property be salvaged immediately.

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