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Michael Scott Mednick

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  • How can I find out if Target Corp. has ever had a case involving an injury from a slip and fall which occurred from a cart wipe.

    These are the towelettes they hand out in front of the store to wipe the shopping carts.

    Michael’s Answer

    Finding this out will be very difficult. Nonetheless, it seems the underlying issue for you is whether you can sue and recovery for personal injuries which occured due to the negligence of Target employees.

    You may have a case here. You should consult with a slip and fall lawyer in your area. Best of luck to you.

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  • What should I do in my situation? Do I need to go to attorney office and how it will work ?

    My car was damaged at the parking spot by taxi driver. He slide my left corner bumper by his right side passenger door. The bumper was damaged in total , plus my fog lights stop working. The driver gave me his insurance info and his driver license...

    Michael’s Answer

    Tell the insurance company that you are not agreeable to using After Market parts. They will probably just pay the dealers amount. If not, consult with an area lawyer.

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  • I slipped and fell at wal-mart and sustained injuries, they offered me a one time settlement fee. How do I know if it's fair?

    I sprained my left ankle, my right wrist and middle finger on right hand, I have severe bone bruising in my left foot and ankle and also in my right hand and wrist a possible fracture in my right wrist. I'm in a walking cast and have a brace on m...

    Michael’s Answer

    I have had numerous cases with Wal-Mart. If they offered you a settlement, they must believe they have some liability. And, if this is the case, they likely did not offer you a fair amount, especially since they know you are doing this on your own.

    A personal injury lawyer can likely get you fair compensation, far more than you can get on your own. Plus, at this time, you are in a walking cast and have a brace on your wrist. What if it turns out you need surgery? It would be a mistake to settle with Wal-Mart now and a mistake not to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

    Michael Mednick
    Offices in Philadelphia and Allentown

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  • Is it true that insurance "stacking" on a policy is only for a few states?

    I live in philadelphia p.a, i was hit by a car as a pedestrian, the car driver got away and i suffered major injuries. My moms UM policy is 300,000. I was told by a lawyer on here that I could recover that amount in pain and suffering and another ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Incorrect. You can have stacking in Pennsylvania. You should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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  • I'm not quite sure if I should get additional legal counsel?

    I got into a car accident in October 2010. It was my fault. I was getting out of a parking spot and didn't look at my blind side and hit a minivan with a 50-60 y/o couple. Last year they decided to sue me for $75,000 each. My insurance appointed ...

    Michael’s Answer

    As a former lawyer for the insurance companies it is my opinion that you should hire personal counsel to assist you with this issue. It will likely cost less than you think and this lawyer will help protect your interests and personal assets. The insurance company Ultimately looks after their own interests and many times does not make decisions which are in the best interest of the insured.

    Personal counsel can put pressure on the insurance company to resolve a case and can help protect your interests should the case not settle and the verdict in excess of the policy limits.

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  • I have been receiving workers comp checks for the past year and had no atty.

    A petition to modify benefits has just be filed by the employer based on an IME exam from Feb. He said I could return with restrictions. I stayed with the panel Dr. and I had several more tests done since then and complications were found. A...

    Michael’s Answer

    It is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal interest in this case. The way things stand now the judge can make a final decision as to who to believe with respect your disability. However, a lawyer will be able to steer you to a doctor who can provide a second opinion which may be more favorable to you than the doctor hired and paid for by the insurance company.

    In answer to your question regarding fees, you will not be charged a fee for any retroactive payments made by the Worker's Compensation Insurance Company. Hiring a lawyer now will greatly increase the chances that a judge will find that you are disabled and continue your weekly disability checks as well as greatly increasing the chances that you can settle this case for large lump sum.

    Most workers compensation lawyers offer free consultations.

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  • Insurance company is trying to get out of paying for my injuries and pain and suffering

    I was recently hit by a rather large commercial vehicle, I have sustained some injuries and still have pain. to the point that I am unable to even take my kids out to do anything while the are on summer break because the pain is to much for me not...

    Michael’s Answer

    You should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to discuss your case.

    Michael S. Mednick
    1275 Glenlivit Drive, Suite 100
    Allentown, PA 18106
    Phone: 610-366-1414

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  • Can I sue store from a fall after I left the store

    I was at walmart and there was something wet on floor I didn't see it and I fell .I was embarreded I got up and left when I got home my ankle was hurting,,i went to hospital I have a sprained ankle and im also 4 months preagnant, I know a lot of ...

    Michael’s Answer

    I have had numerous cases with Wal-Mart. I would bet they have a video of the incident. But, they are on no obligation to preserve it right now. I would go back to the store immediately and ask that they fill out an accident report. That will place them on notice of your fall. Then hire an attorney who can send them a preservation letter. But do this quick before the video is no longer available.

    The video before the accident may be able to show what spilled and how long it was there.

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  • I sustained a work related injury and was advised not to not to turn it to workers comp.but use my medicare,becaused of cost

    I am a township supervisor/roadmaster for x Township,Pa. The township manager/secretary advised me to do this, as t save the township money,and we would possible lose their insurance. Is this legal.Is this fraud?

    Michael’s Answer

    You would be best served to report the work related accident and you will be covered under the Pa. Workers' Compensation Act. This will enable to you to obtain reasonable, necessary and related medical treatment (without co-pays) and if you are unable to work, receive your wages. Failure to do so may jeopardize your rights.

    The best advise I can give you is to speak to a Pa. Worker's Compensation Lawyer. If your case involves a potential case against a 3rd Party (not your employer - the township) then you should discuss your case with a lawyer or lawfirm that handles both Workers' Comp cases and Personal Injury cases.

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  • Can i get a settlement because a car hit me while i was riding my bike down the right side of market street?

    I was biking down the right had side of market street about half a block from 23rd (where i was planning on making a right to get to chestnut) when a man in the right hand lane made a move to park outside of Peco in order to pay his bill and hit m...

    Michael’s Answer

    It sounds like you have a claim against the driver for both medical bills and pain and suffering. You should be checked out by a doctor to see why you are having ongoing medical issues. You should also definitely speak to a personal injury lawyer.

    Feel free to visit my website or contact me for a free consultation and case analysis.

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