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Matthew Tony Galati

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  • Is removing conditions of temporary green card easier than adjustment of status process?

    I have to remove conditions of my green card soon,just wondering how long does it take to get an answer after submitting the documents ?and is it easier this time than AOS they approve applicants routinely? we have a wonderful marriage...

    Matthew’s Answer

    I wouldn't say that its necessarily easier or more difficult -- what one needs to prove is that the marriage was entered into in good faith. In Philadelphia, interviews for I-751 petitioners are rare except in cases where 1) the couple has separated or 2) there are indications of fraud. Processing times for these cases vary widely. According to USCIS, the current processing times for the Vermont Service Center are about 6 months, but I have seen cases that take longer (even though there are no substantice issues). That said, the last case that I personally filed was resolved in only 3 months.

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