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Jonathan Agins Grode

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jake

    Hired Attorney

    Amazing Immigration Attorney

    Jonathan is an exceptional immigration attorney that recently guided me through a complex immigration case. From the initial point of contact, Jonathan promptly took the lead and developed a plan of action that enabled me to gain temporary legal immigration status while starting the process to acquire permanent residency.
    Jonathan is a true professional, having provided expert guidance throughout the entire process. His expertise, integrity, reliability and commitment to clients is both commendable and impressive and allows him to deliver superior results. Likewise, Jonathan is very personable, approachable and maintains good relationships with the various immigration officials I came into contact with. Anytime I had a question Jonathan has always been available to me, even on holidays, weekends and weeknights. He took the time to thoroughly explain every step throughout the process and what was to be expected. I was well prepared for the interview.
    Additionally, not only is Jonathan a great lawyer but he has a great team. The preparation, detail and attention that went into my case by Jonathan and his staff was top-quality service and very personal in nature.
    It has been a pleasure working with Jonathan and his team and I feel truly lucky to have found him. Jonathan made a complicated process seamless and I strongly recommend him as an immigration attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    Excellent service

    Mr Jonathan Grode has provided us with very comprehensive services for the visa applications of all employees of our US inbound company. The preparation work done by and in collaboration with him and his team was extremely professional. Despite the very tight schedule we were able to meet our deadlines due to the very diligent and proactive work of Mr Grode and his team. I strongly recommend his services.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandon

    Professional, organized, prompt... Incredible

    My wife and I worked with Jonathan and his team over the past year on my wife's residency application. We cannot say enough good things about our experience. First, he is incredibly prompt with responses, it could be a night, weekend or holiday and he will make time to speak with you or answer an email. He and his team are highly organized and pay incredible attention to detail that the seemingly daunting task of immigration became effortless. Over the course of the year, we were never out of touch, never left in the dark about the progress of the application. Due to the Jonathan and his team's high level of competence and attentiveness, our application was processed without any hiccups or surprises. We could not imagine a better attorney to work with, we recommend his service over and over.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rajesh

    “Best Immigration Lawyer” “Great New Office L Guidance” “Amazing Service”

    JONATHAN is an excellent lawyer! He is very knowledgeable, friendly, effective, responsive (he answers calls and emails promptly) and sensitive to one's concerns. His office staff is fantastic, too. JONATHAN guided me step by step through the process, answered all my questions in person, and my case was finished in less than 8 months all the process could have been delayed without his help and dedication.

    JONATHAN helped my wife and me with the New Office L case.
    He knew exactly what we needed to do, and when we had to take actions.
    He responded all our questions within a few hours.
    In addition, he would clearly tell you the worst scenario. However, that is not intended to scare you, but to inform you about the possibility. He would work hard for the best results.
    My wife and I really appreciate his great job.
    If you have any immigration related issues, don't wait. Call Jonathan now.
    Again, JONATHAN is a very professional and reliable attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michel and Traviss

    Amazing Law firm, Amazing Lawyer, Best team in Philly

    My partner and I had the blessing to work with Jonathan and his team for our Citizenship and Green Card. The constant support we received was remarkable. In a time of our lived where things could have become very stressful, Jonathan, Allison and everyone who works with them made this process an experience we will always remember. The words I choose to describe who they are: Knowledgeable, Professional, Available, Organize, Sensitive to their clients, Punctual, Honest, Supportive, and most important Positive Results. What an honor we had to meet such amazing people. Thank you for everything!!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Outstanding counsel and advocacy!!

    Caught in a major bind regarding my ability to maintain legal immigrant status I reached out to Jonathan A Grode. My situation was an extremely complicated one but from the outset I was impressed with Jonathan’s immediate commendation for all my prior efforts and knowledge about the immigration process. In a system where oftentimes some people are just left to fall through the cracks, I found Jonathan’s affirmation to be very validating and most comforting. I also sensed a great deal of empathy towards my plight and I immediately got the feeling that unlike most, this guy was on my side!
    Jonathan thoroughly outlined the law, candidly analyzed the gravity of my circumstances and truthfully informed me that I had very limited options.  BUT… he proceeded to ask “Tell me about your ……” and the proverbial glimmer of a silver lining slowly appeared behind the clouds! I sensed wide-eyed enthusiasm about my dilemma and an urgency to consider all of the variables that could be explored to turn my messy situation into a positive one and ultimately lead me on a path towards US citizenship.
    It was the beginning of a supportive collaboration, a meeting was set up for the next week, I was ushered into the care of a meticulously efficient legal team, and an undeniably clever strategy was put in place for me to overcome the present challenge. But most importantly, an option that I never even dreamed of seemed to appear out of nowhere! Jonathan provided erudite guidance, sternly steering me away from any “quick-fix” ideas that could seriously derail my efforts in the long run and advocated unrelentingly on my behalf. My questions and ideas were always acknowledged and respected, and Jonathan was never more than an e-mail away. His “just hang in there” disposition gave me hope and helped me to get through some very trying times and I am happier today thanks to Mr. Grode's expert competence as an attorney and profound humanity as a person.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    Excellent marriage-based immigration attorney

    Beginning with preliminary advise and guidance, Mr. Grode and his firm accurately listed and described the basis of my eligibility, the required steps and the evidence that needed to be submitted for my application. I was specially impressed with his thoroughness, his relaxed delivery and complete surety, an indication of his profound knowledge of the law. All my queries were responded speedily and with certainty, which led me to follow every guidance point and suggestion he introduced. His legal staff was remarkably diligent and the filing of my application was impeccable. Finally, he maintained continuous contact and support, as well as physical presence whenever advisable.
    I can truly say that there was not one moment during the process in which I felt that I had anything but the best legal counsel.
    Excellent experience and deserving of my highest endorsement.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Willie


    Jonathan Grode came recommended to me by some of my friends that had used his firm to obtain P-1 Visa's or Green Cards.
    From the very first time I picked up the phone and called him I felt he was the man I wanted on my side. Jonathan and his co-workers were amazing, I couldn't have asked for a better service, they were quick to respond to my every call and email, they kept me up to speed on everything involved with my case and kept me in gear anytime I would get lazy at my end.
    Now I have recently been granted Permanent Residency in the United States and I have to say I couldn't have achieved this without Jonathan Grode and his wonderful hardworking team of Co-Workers.
    They handled my case in the most professional manner, worked quickly on it, put forward an outstanding case and ultimately achieved the main goal which was to get my Green Card.
    I would highly recommend anyone in similar circumstances as I was in to put a call or email towards Jonathan Grode, you will not be disappointed.

    It was money well spent on my behalf. They got me the result I needed.

    Thank you to Jonathan Grode and his team.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pierce

    The best Immigration Attorney in the USA

    Jonathan handled two of my cases, my Citizenship matter and now getting the green card for my Father,He handled both the cases in a very professional manner. He has a credible and dedicated team to assist. In both the cases, I did not receive even a single enquiry from USCIS. The work done was perfect , he went into every minute detail. His work has depth , speed and perfect professionalism. On top of that he is a genuine person who truly cared about my situation.

    He was very current, he kept track of my cases all the time even though I never asked to do so. Whenever I senI him a mail, I usually get a reply within 5 mins. What one needs in a service like this is a sense of security. I had a very bad experiences with other two attorneys. In fact I withdew the file from others and gave to Jonathan.

    His strength lies in studying the matter very carefully, preparing the documents ,giving in depth attention to very minute detail, and guiding the client at every step of the preparation stage. Making the application absolutely perfect in all respects, before filing. Once filed, he keeps track of it and kept updating by remaining in touch with USCIS as and when required. All that I had to do was to attend the naturalization ceremony and collect my father's Green Card

    People who seek immigration require real hep from an attorney.I very strongly recommend Attorney Jonathan A Grode to every one who seek such service.

    As a client I must say his sincerity and commitments towards me was exceptional. He will guide you from the basics and ensure your matter is an 100% success.

    The way he handled my first case helped me to understand his work better. As a result I gave him my second case as well. He handled both of them exceptionally well.

    Now I thought that it is necessary that I take out some time and write my experience for the sake of those people out there who need real help and those who unfortunately reached the wrong place as I did initially. I had lost time and money when I worked with those other 2 attorneys I met initially and nothing had moved forward.

    Jonathan is a wonderful attorney with a human touch. People who seek immigration services need not think twice before taking the services of this Attorney. He is worth it and you will be in safe hands.

    If any one wish to talk to me to know more about my experience with Jonathan pls feel free to call me at: 973 216 6868

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kylie

    Great E3 Immigration Lawyer

    Jonathan, has a wealth of knowledge in the immigration sector, and no issue/concern/worry - was a problem for him. He understood if I was concerned about something and had things totally under control. I found Jonathan was readily available to answer anything of concern for me either via phone or email, and if he wasn't available at that time, he always contacted me within a day. All the paperwork etc, flowed really well, and nothing was missed. While is was a stressful time, I was very thankful that Jonathan had all the details under control. I would definitely recommend Jonathan, for anyone needing Immigration counsel. Thank you Jonathan.