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Chad Guevara Boonswang

Chad Boonswang’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Hired Attorney

    Phenomenal Lawyer and Law Firm!

    I just want to start out by saying “thank God for google.” Because google is where I found Chad Boonswang’s Law Firm and what an incredible experience it was from there. A little over a year ago, my father passed away. He had left myself and my brother with a substantial amount of money in the form of life insurance to keep us from going into debt after his passing. Mind you, my father was a great man and a man of his word. Shortly after he passed away, I filed the paperwork to receive the life insurance benefit that my father had paid for. After some time I received paperwork stating, that because my father had died within the two year contestability period of the policy, they would have to investigate the policy overall to see if there was any deception. Nine months passed by and the life insurance company had finally reached a decision on whether they were going to pay or not. Their decision was to not pay out the policy. Their conclusion was based on “misrepresentation” in the questionnaire that he had given “recorded” vocal responses. Questions that were regarding his health. My family and I were stunned to say the least. Fast forward about four months later and I look up attorneys that had misrepresentation cases on google. Chad Boonswang’s Law Firm popped up. I clicked on the link and gave the phone number a call. Chad has a demeanor about him that is something you very rarely come across. It is a go get it done attitude. Chad and his team were on the case and within a short amount of time, I received a phone call from his office stating, they had submitted the paperwork, and to not call back but instead in about two months they would call me with the decision. Exactly, two months later I received a very heartfelt phone call from Chad personally explaining that he had won the case. Chad had given back to me something more important than money. He had given my father’s honor back to me and the rest of my family. For that I am forever grateful to Chad and his law firm and if you are still reading this review and wondering if you should call or not, trust me, call! You will thank yourself that you did. Thank you Chad and your team from the entire Haynes family, and know you are always welcome in Texas!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Tony

    Consulted Attorney

    We are disappointed

    I'm unsure why my experience appears to be the exception among this plethora of otherwise stellar reviews. Sadly, though, it's only fair that I report my recent experience with the Boonswang law firm.

    I am disabled. Both I and my elderly mother rely exclusively on social security benefits to live. My mother's SS benefits and my own SSD benefits are respectively our sole sources of income.

    My father passed away 35 years ago. At the time of his death, he had two life insurance policies in force from two separate insurance companies, as well as two active investment annuity accounts. My mother is the designated beneficiary on each of said policies and accounts.

    Unfortunately, evidence suggests that once my father had passed on, my mother was paid only the benefit from one of my father's investment annuity accounts and nothing from either of the insurance policies. That is, she seemingly received no death benefits from the majority of my father's protections. She is 89 years of age and her memory is drawing a blank for the years immediately after my father's passing. We have searched tirelessly for claim and/or financial records, but we have been unable to locate a thing.

    Although my father designated my mother as the beneficiary on each of the mentioned insurance protections, he was rather secretive on the subject so my mother was not well informed. Records from my father's place of employment suggest that they did not follow through in helping my mother file the death benefit claims or acquiring payment from the annuity accounts.

    I recently contacted the Boonswang law firm by phone on my mother's behalf. A legal assistant named Adriana took the call and spoke with me. I described our situation as best I could. Adriana advised me to send her an email containing the description I had shared with her over the phone, as well as any relevant documents that I possessed. I complied with her request immediately.

    I received no reply that day acknowledging receipt of my email and its attachments. Four days later -after the weekend- I phoned the Boonswang firm once again requesting some form of acknowledgment that my materials had been received. I was told by the call taker that Adriana would be asked to return my call once she arrived at work for the day. Frustratingly, I received no return call or other communication from her.

    Later the same day, after my phone call to the firm, I sent yet another email to Adriana noting that I had placed the call earlier concerning the confirmation of receipt matter. I expressed to her that either returning my phone call or responding to my email message would be adequate (and appreciated). She neither phoned me back nor replied to my email.

    The following day I phoned the Boonswang law firm once more and the call was in fact answered by Adriana herself. She made no comment about my efforts to communicate with her. She didn't seem very friendly to me but she agreed to phone my mother to arrange for sending her the retainer/contingency agreement documents, and she in fact made that call. Unfortunately, it has been 9 days and my mother has received absolutely nothing in her postal mail from the Boonswang law firm. The appearance is that they didn't wish to help us and thus decided to simply abandon the matter. I don't know what else to think. I dislike pestering folks, so I can tell you that it became quite uncomfortable for me to even contact this firm (because I never felt welcome doing so).

    Sadly, as you can see, my experience with the Boonswang law firm has been contrary to the gleaming reviews that I'm reading here. I don't understand why. I feel that I was treated discourteously and ultimately avoided, and that we have simply been abandoned without word. My mother and I are left feeling dismissed and offended.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Samantha

    Chad and his law firm was there to help me when I needed it the most

    This is the best law firm ever Chad and his team helped get me my money when an insurance company was about to deny me they worked very hard to get my money I was so happy it took very little time and they were kind and helpful answering all of my questions I highly recommend them they are a blessing for me you won't find a better law firm

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    Very attentive and patient

    Mr. Boonswang represented my grandmother in a dispute over a life insurance claim. He was patient, walked her through each step, and got the settlement that she deserved. We are all so happy with how attentive he was and the outcome of the case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Natasha

    Awesome Lawyer!!!

    There is a lot of good words to decribe a person that go beyond to help you. Mr. Chad helped me in a difficult time in my life. My Dad died in November 2014 , i had lost the Life Insurance polic due to missing two payments .My husband found The Boomswang law firm and called.. Mr Chad walked me through everything l needed to know and what all i could supply for my 4- 5 months Mr.Chad won my case. I didnt have a proper buriel for my Dad, but in the end the burden was lifted.. The Boomswang Law Firm will do all they can to make it happen..i know because they did it for me..thanks again Chad..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ronald Hansen

    Excellent Results

    The Boonswang Law Firm handled two separate personal injury-auto accident cases for me. He was extremely professional and quick to follow-up with updates on the case and options moving forward. He was always available through both phone and email, and he and his staff made a difficult time easier for us. I interviewed several law firms before settling on Mr. Boonswang due to the level of trust I felt with him and his staff. He was able to get us a settlement before having to go to court and was able to get all of our medical bills, rehab bills and auto repair bills covered in addition to the settlement amount. We would highly recommend using The Boonswang Law firm

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Gloria

    Bed bug bites are no laughing matter

    After staying at a well known motel, I received multiple bed bug bites which caused me severe pain, swelling and scaring due to having an allergic reaction. I went to the hospital and later contacted attorney Chad Boonswang and he got me a settlement in a timely manner. What I really liked about him is that he was above board and honest in everything he said and did. Not only that, but he looked out for my best interest and let me know what my best options were. I believe that Chad Boonswang is a man of good character.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittany

    Review for Boonswang Law Firm, Chad Boonswang Attorney at Law

    I hired Chad Boonswang from the Boonswang Law Firm in Philadelphia, PA when I was denied my mothers life insurance claim by Guardian Life Insurance Company, My mother died when our home burned down and she was asleep. She had drank a little that night before going to sleep and the insurance company denied my claim saying "we will not pay any claim if it was directly or indirectly caused by intoxication." My mother burnt in our home, NOT because she was intoxicated but because it was an unknown reason it caught on fire @ 10pm and she was asleep. I called the Boonswang Law Firm and they got the denial reversed in 2 months and I received the money my mother intended for me to have, that she paid for all those years so that I would be able to bury her and make sure things were taken care of. The insurance company tried to cheat me out of that money by giving me a bogus excuse as to why they couldn't pay it. Once I hired Chad Boonswang the money was paid quickly. I agreed to pay him 33 1/3% of the policy which was not bad, considering I could have got nothing if not for him. He was called and made sure I knew what was going on at all times during the 2 months. Anytime I sent him and email he always emailed back to keep me posted on what was happening with this bogus insurance company we were dealing with. Where everything was done and the check was paid out, it was sent to the Boonswang Law Firm, he took his 33 1/3 % profit and mailed me the remainder the day he received the check which I received in a couple of days. I wouldn't have gotten this policy had it not been for this Law Firm. They were GREAT and I would 100% recommend them to ANYONE having trouble collecting insurance money, as if you deserve that money they will get it!!! They earned the 33 1/3% that I agreed to pay them, Chad Boonswang is wonderful and did a GREAT job, I would hire him again in a second. I am so happy and fortunate that I found this law firm on the internet. I live in Kentucky, this law firm is out of Pennsylvania and Chad was so easy to work with from that distance. It was a great experience and had great results!! Thanks you Chad @ Boonswang Law Firm for all you do for surviving relatives that DESERVE the life insurance their deceased loved ones paid for years and years in order for their beneficiary to receive the benefits, that the BOGUS INSURANCE COMPANIES like GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY makes poor and crap excuses to keep from people they owe money to. The work this Law Firm does is great, people do not deserve to be screwed by insurance companies after all the money over years they have paid to have this insurance, especially like in my case when they truly DESERVE to be paid this monies.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    Among The Best

    I fought with the insurance company for over a year after my husbands death trying to settle the claim. After they denied the claim I found Chad G Boonswang and it only took him a couple of months and I had a very good resolution to the case. If it had not been for Chad I would be in sorry shape. I would recommend Chad to anyone having problems with insurance companys.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Pain & Suffering

    Using an attorney was new to us, and it was also a very hard time, but Chad put our mind at ease and took care of everything for us. We could not have asked for a more reliable, straight forward, go-getter of an attorney. He had our case done and settled in 3 months. OUTSTANDING!!!! We will definitly be recommending him to everyone we talk too.