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  • My boyfriend is locked up after turning himself in on a bench warrant... How long can he be held?

    My boyfriend was issued a bench warrant for failure to appear (we never received notification of the hearing through the mail). It was for 1st offense DUI (a DUI from 6 years ago); he turned himself in 2 months ago. He still has not been arraigned...

    W.’s Answer

    It seems that none of these publicly paid employees/agencies have picked up on your boyfriend's plight. If what you say is accurate, there appears to be no reason why he should still be behind bars. In the meantime he is costing the tax payer roughly $100 per day.

    Hire a private attorney.

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  • I am currently on Pa state parole and I have 3 week left to max out,can they pull my street time for a un successful completion

    The program is a sex offender program and they require me to take a poly graph test before completing the agent says if I don't pay 325.00 to have this done,she will violate my parole and pull my street time and send me back to prison

    W.’s Answer

    Requiring you to take a polygraph to show that you have complied is a reasonable condition. If you refuse to take the test, she may recommend to the board that your parole be revoked.

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  • Why hasnt my lawyer seen the surviellence tape

    I was arrested on probable cause of store burglary. Im the affidavit the police lied. My fiancee overheard a witness say he didnt see nothing so y is he there and on the paper it says the witness saw it. Then another witness never showed up. And t...

    W.’s Answer

    You have the hearing unless the prosecution has a lot to offer that persuades you to waive.

    The hearing is to determine whether the DA has a case. It's also to let you have an idea of what you will be facing if you have a trial. You know, most ADAs don't appreciate the benefit to them of having a hearing. For the most part, they want to dispose of a case with a quick guilty plea to the most serious offenses. If they've got the evidence it may be the best argument for a guilty plea to what the facts show.

    You are not entitled to viewing any videotape at the district court level, but it must be made available to you at the common pleas level.

    In the meantime, what is their case all about? What your fiancee heard about? Did another witness never show up?

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  • Can police use this site to charge or use it during investigation?

    Can Police find my question on here and use it against me - I am worried about questions I have posted and want to have them deleted.

    W.’s Answer

    Yes. Of course. It's public. It may seem pretty private typing into a computer when you're in a room with the door closed, but it is not.

    Probably the question is whether you have identified yourself in your post.

    Talk to someone who is concerned, knowledgeable and who is bound to keep what you say private.

    That is what having a lawyer to talk to is all about.

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  • I was in a car that had marijuana and paraphernalia in it, but not all of it was mine.

    The other night I was in a car that got pulled over for speeding and the cop decided to search it for drugs. I had a small amount of marijuana in my purse along with a bowl. I'm willing to take full responsibility for that, but I also got the blam...

    W.’s Answer

    One of the first things an attorney will do is to bring out the facts of the case from you as you know them and address the facts in the charging papers. There are too many questions about what the facts are to answer your questions.

    See a lawyer. It seems that you are quite upset so just knowing what the situation is legally will help to ease your fears.

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  • My boyfriends in jail for something that's not his fault and there's nothing I can do? We have a newborn..

    My boyfriend had a hearing in pittsburgh on Wednesday, while we were signing for a continuance, he had a bench warrant NOBODY knew about, and the sheriff's came and got him, they told me he'll get out after a hearing within 72 hours. He called me ...

    W.’s Answer

    Your situation calls for an attorney to dig into and get the reasons for the miscommunication and what was done by your boyfriend (and yourself) to keep the authorities up to date on his whereabouts. Eg., did he have an attorney in the case where the bench warrant was issued? Was he / why wasn't he told?

    The PDs are good lawyers as a rule, but they have a lot of cases to handle, and I think this will require the individual attention that a private lawyer can give it.

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  • Can i press charges if i was attacked n locked in a building n i had to get out through the roof of a 2nd story building.

    i have police report n it concerns business n for taking inventory n equipment n lease n transfering to some 1 else

    W.’s Answer

    My question before going any further: Is this your defense to a burglary charge you're facing? A theft charge?

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  • Please how do I get rid of my questions on here I am scared someone will find them and charge me

    please how do I get rid of my questions on here I am scared someone will find them and charge me

    W.’s Answer

    I presume you didn't put your name and pic along with your question.

    You need answers, then you'll have to hire an attorney. Anything said in his/her office is confidential, and the attorney cannot make them known with risking running afoul of our rules of conduct. [The rule doesn't come into play if, for example, someone is planning to commit a crime.]

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  • Public Urination Charge = indecent exposure?

    If you are urinating in public by unzipping your pants, and peeing outside with your genitals exposed, would it be considered indecent exposure? I know that the Pennsylvania Statute considers exposure of genitals in public as indecent exposure, di...

    W.’s Answer

    Were they exposed to people who would likely be offended? § 3127. Indecent exposure.

    Did the conduct create a physically offensive condition to the public? § 5503. Disorderly conduct

    How about "Open Lewdness?" § 5901.

    You could be charged with all three.

    The question is what the police/prosecution do with cases like this at, I presume, Penn State, ie. how pissed off are they? It could be handled at the district court level or common pleas. [Sorry about the pun.]

    Often getting a lawyer will tell the authorities that you are taking it seriously.

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  • Will having two thief charges go on my record and effect my future?

    A week ago I was charged with a thief charge in Wal-Mart, I was not arrested but I was given a citation. Recently, I was charged again for thief at the same place because, the self-checkout machine unknowingly did not scan a two of my items and I...

    W.’s Answer

    While I'm not licensed to practice law in Texas, I can offer this: If you were an employer, would you want to hire a thief?

    Regardless of the grade of the offense, a theft is more serious to many than other offenses. I once received a call from a man I represented in a drug case -- delivery -- in which he pleaded guilty. He said he really needed an expungment of an earlier theft case and that the employers he had spoken to were most concerned about the theft.

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