Gregg E. DeSouza set up a tax-advantaged partnership in 1992 that I invested in for $25,000. The idea was that every year there would be a tax advantage and after 15 years the partnership would end, the properties would be sold and we'd all get our principal back. Things went along well for about 9 or so years and then the K-1 forms started to come in later and later until they stopped coming in at all by 2005. Mail I sent to Gregg came back - ADDRESS UNKNOWN - NO FORWARDING ADDRESS. Phone numbers were invalid. He "disappeared". I tried many times to track him down to no avail. Now I see he might be back in business in Trevose. I am sending him a letter with my married name and new address to see if he is holding my share of the partnership money and will sent it on. I don't know what to expect knowing that he is not very honest. I will make revisions to my rating if I get an appropriate response.