Mr.Kerrigan Jr. was an excellent attorney, he charge me a fair price and im a single parent on SSD because i am disabled from kidney failure from Lupus and he worked with me money wise so i could pay it off without interest. He took charge in and ruled in the court room and i was soo impressed he made it look easy. He was so good that he got the terroristic threat charge thrown out so i was only convicted with the theft charge that I got 1year ARD for. Months before i was convicted of another theft charge that i got a finde for so if I was convicted of the terroristic threat charge it would have been my 3rd misdemeaner that would of caused me to have a felony and he save my ass big time. I recommend him to annyone with any legal problem with the cops, in my opinion he is one of the best for any case, he is also a very nice polite gentalman and I felt very confident having him represent me.