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Gregg Cotler’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Understanding and supportive

    Gregg has represented me for about three years in a matter that has required extensive and detailed knowledge in a variety of business areas. He has competently provided the appropriate case law and citations to document the powerful arguments he has offered on my behalf. He has used logic and understanding in presenting his arguments. Most important, he has provided me with support and security by assuring me that he would not abandon me during this difficult and time consuming ordeal.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Attorney of Last Resort

    The 2008 Thanksgiving holiday was a few days away. My wife and I were praying for a miracle. We had received a final Order from the Office of Homeland Security directing us to pack our bags and to appear at a detention center for deportation back to our birthplace. If that was not bad enough, our children, who were all born in the United States, would be thrown into this terrible conflict because they were legally entitled to stay in the United States. My wife and I showed up at Gregg Cotler's Law Office with the Final Deportation Order in our hand. We told Mr. Cotler that we had been through the immigration legal system for several years, all of our appeals were denied and, now, we were at the end of the road. Mr. Cotler listened to our plight and at the end he politely informed us that he did not specialize in Immigration Law. We told him that we knew that immigration law was not his specialty, however, we were told that he was the "Attorney of Last Resort".

    Mr. Cotler took our case. The first impression we had of Mr. Cotler was that he sincerely cares about helping people. When everything appears to be going wrong, it is so important to know that you have an advocate who really does care about helping others. The next significant impression that we got was that Mr. Cotler has an incredible passion and energy level and he quickly explained what his strategy was and he promptly began implementing that strategy.

    While important paperwork was being compiled and finalized for filing, Mr. Cotler prepared Press Releases and held a Press Conference with all of the local television stations, radio stations and newspaper reporters in attendance. The impact of that Press Conference was enormous and fueled our legal strategy going forward. Mr. Cotler's rare intelligence and unique communication skills broke our case wide open. After years of dissappointment with the legal system we were completely shocked and surprised by how fast Mr. Cotler was able to turn our case completely around. Local interest in our story quickly developed into national interest and, then just as quickly, the international press reported on our case. Mr. Cotler handled the Press and the attorneys at ICE and at The Office of Homeland Security with such ease and professionalism. Although we are no expert, we have read many legal documents prepared by our past lawyers and we can confidently say that Mr. Cotler's ability to draft clear and persuasive legal documents is unprecedented. Thankfully and as a direct result of Mr. Cotler's outstanding counsel my wife and I are still living with our children in the United States.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kyle

    Partnership Dispute

    I am the founder and President of a regional healthcare company. One day in the mail I received a letter from an attorney who was a partner in one of the large firms in Philadelphia. The letter stated that I was being put on notice of an emergency meeting of the board of directors of my company and that one of the primary issues for the agenda was to vote me out as the President and to present offers to buy my equity interest in the Company and if I refused their "generous" offer, they would be seeking to strip me of my ownership interest altogether. I knew only a few attorneys in and around Philadelphia. One of the attorneys that I knew was Gregg Cotler. He is known in the community as being one of the most intelligent and hard working professionals, however, because of that, he is also known as one of the busiest lawyers around. And, because I was sure that the only way I had a shot at winning was to hire a fully dedicated and focused attorney who could give my case the time that was required, I was not sure whether Mr. Cotler was going to be able to help me. So, when I met with him, I made it clear that I would only hire him if I was adequately assured that he would give my case the attention that was needed. After we got that out of the way, and within one week of of Mr. Cotler's representation of me, he presented me with a detailed written plan and strategy for winning my case. For people reading this review, all I can tell you is that the plan was brilliant. Mr. Cotler had really listened to my take of the problems within the partnership, he listened to my opinion regarding the personalities involved, and about the value of my Company. He had devised a plan of not only thwarting the unfriendly takeover bid by two of my partners, but in addition, he established a road map to remove them as officers and directors of the Company and to strip them of any ownership.

    Within weeks Mr. Cotler had filed several pleadings, including a Complaint, TRO package, Motions and Discovery. After the first major hearing, the tide began to turn and we never looked back from there.

    We won and I have to sincerely state that Gregg Cotler was perfect. The only rating that I gave him above that was short of Excellent was that he was so busy at times that I did not hear from him as often as I would have liked. However, to be fair, I wanted to talk to him about my case on the hour every hour of every day.

    I hope that this review has been helpful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    I hired Gregg N. Cotler, Esquire to handle a multi-count indictment against me and other officers of my company. I was trying to keep my family together and at the same time help run a 150 person company. I was so impressed by Gregg Cotler's empathy and sensitivity to everything that me and my family were experiencing. In addition, he is incredibly smart and has an almost endless amount of energy which he uses to completely analyze all aspects of my case. He thought of things that impressed both the Federal Prosecutor and the Federal Judge. He is, in my estimation, the best attorney I have ever seen. I give him my highest recommendation.