I did not want to deal with the details of the divorce because I was still too emotionally attached and fully conveyed that to Mr. Machles. My spouses attny basically dictated the terms of the agreement and Mr. Machles did not provide any suggestions, options or alternatives to me. I was left with dictating the terms of my settlement to Mr. Machles. Aditionally, I spent the bulk of the fees charged on Mr. Machles figuring out the financial assets which could have easily been provided by a CPA at a small fraction of the cost. When I expressd to him my concerns, he promptly excused himself from serving on my behalf even though I clearly stated that this was a matter that needed to be acknowledged, addressed and overcome so that we could move forward with the completion of the divorce, he bailed, presumably due to his ego. I was left to find another attny on no notice what so ever simply because I expressed my concerns with my level of care and attention, given that is what I hired him for. I would never recommend Mr. Machles to anyone seeking a divorce or any legal services.