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Assault Case

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.1994

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: (Not available)

Description: In 1994, Mark M. was a patron at a local night club in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. It had been his first time there at the club which was multi-level and had at least seven (7) different bar areas. Late in the evening he had become separated from his friends and in the confusion of searching for them, one particularly aggressive bouncer mistook him for a drunken troublemaker. Mark recalls the bouncer announcing the word “daddy longlegs” on his walkie talkie. Within a minute, four (4) large framed male bouncers physically removed Mark from the premises, and in doing so, picked him up by his neck and threw him down a large flight of stairs. This was done in full view of a shocked crowd. Mark sustained moderate injuries and was, above all, terribly humiliated by the attack. The case was eventually tried before a judge in Bucks County who awarded $30,000.00 to Plaintiff. The Judge found it compelling that Plaintiff’s counsel produced at trial (1) an independent witness who saw what had happened and heard the code word “daddy longlegs” being announced; and (2) production of the ER nurse who testified that the “choke” marks found on Plaintiff’s neck were consistent with a violent assault.

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