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Kevin M. Zlock

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Hired Attorney

    Zlock and Coverdale are Exemplary!

    I would a recommend Katherine Coverdale of Zlock and Coverdale to anyone who is in need of domestic legal counsel. Kate handled a complicated QUADRO matter for me. Opposing counsel was strong but Kate didn't back down. She stood up for me and explained what she was doing every step of the way. Kate is professional and knowledgeable but also approachable. Kate explained the law and the legal process to me in every day language so it was easier to understand. Kate made herself directly available to me. Kate's responses to my inquiries were often immediate and certainly within the day. I can see why Kate is considered to be at the top of her profession - she is thorough, efficient, and hardworking. I trusted her judgement and I am glad I did.
    Thank You Kate!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Lion and Lamb

    I met with an attorney (not Zlock and Cloverdale) and felt comfortable with the information I was given… the attorney helped sort out custody issues and parenting issues, and it felt like I had a good handle on things; but when we went to the Family Master meeting, I was informed most of the information was incorrect. I gave my ex everything he asked for, and then immediately he would change his mind about what he wanted – there was no way for me to resolve the situation on my own. I needed to hire a new lawyer – fast – our hearing was in seven days.

    I scoured the web looking for a new lawyer. I considered hiring Kevin Zlock after reading “the lion and the lamb review” from another client on “A lion and a lamb” was exactly what I needed. A two for one – a combination of fierce and calm. I needed someone who wasn’t arrogant, a jerk or too busy for me, yet able to resolve issues without adding drama or more stress for me or my children. I needed someone who would be on our side, and could make sense out of this potentially disastrous situation. I decided to interview four attorneys. Kevin Zlock was number two – I had high hopes, but knew I needed to meet with him in person before making a decision. We met and I liked Kevin immediately. I wanted a nice lawyer, someone I could relate to and I needed a quick, logical, and responsive advocate who would be knowledgeable and provide competent counsel – I could not compromise. During my meeting with Kevin, I was not disappointed. I was confident Kevin could get the job done. I cancelled the other two attorney interviews before leaving the parking lot.

    Fast forward a week. We sorted emails and text messages, and decided what was most important, mildly important and irrelevant during our second meeting, (which kept us in his office until 11:00 pm on Sunday evening, on a holiday weekend) the night before our hearing. Even though the hearing was only a few hours away, we were both calm and collected. Kevin knew what was important to me and I was comfortable we’d make good partners. I had my list of “no compromise” and my list of “whatever’s” and my ideal outcome. Kevin instructed me how to dress, testify, and address those in the courtroom.

    The next morning we met again briefly, then went to the hearing. I just sat there. Kevin and the other party had a conference. Kevin got the most important and no compromise things without a hitch, we gave a little on the issues which were non-issues for me, and Kevin didn’t confuse the two. My children were relieved they would not have to talk to the judge, nor make decisions about their living arrangements and now they wouldn’t be put in the middle of this contention – they can just be kids. Kevin was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for my children. Thanks Kevin.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Very Professional

    After being unfairly dismissed from my former employer I contacted Brian Coverdale from Zlock and Coverdale. He took my case knowing that I was not working and might not be able to pay him immediately. My old employer made it very difficult for us to get an unemployment decision by putting off 5 appointments. Brian took it all in stride and in the end, won my case for me. That would never have been the outcome without him. Most lawyers would have charged for all the additional hours, but Brian did not. Not only did he not charge for all his extra time, he did it pro bono. Many thanks Brian for all your help. Thank you also to Mr Zlock. Chris F.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamil

    Perfect partner to have on your side during challenging times

    Kevin presents information in such a manner that it is extremely easy to understand. His abilities to simultaneously assess various scenarios and options immensely helped me to discuss the path forward and next steps that best suited my situation. In addition, he was also accessible, extremely pro-active in working with me and also negotiating on my behalf with opposing counsel. At the end of the day, i clearly felt that he helped me achieve the best deal possible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Wendy

    Excellent Family Law Attorney and Firm

    Kevin Zlock and Kate Coverdale of Zlock & Coverdale has been my family law attorney’s since February of 2012. In that time, they have guided and supported me through very complex and emotional legal matters, ranging from divorce, then equitable distribution, and finally child custody hearings. Throughout the entire litany of ordeals, I have been served with nothing short of outstanding representation. Kevin Zlock, Kate Coverdale and their associates have provided me with everything one would desire in attorneys, especially in matters that are most often highly charged emotionally. They provided excellent information, explanation and clarification concerning the way in things operated, and how we were going to proceed strategically. Through a very down to earth manner, both Kevin and Kate were always able to help me understand my situation, and consider all options available to me. I always left each and every meeting feeling fully informed, and confident in the road we were traveling down. Kevin and Kate were always able to respond effectively and timely to any and all questions that I had via email or telephone. The entire firm is very talented and capable of gathering and synthesizing vast amounts complex information. My cases required the reliance of and integration of many other professionals – from business lawyers, accountants, psychologists, business evaluators and other family and friends. They guided the entire process and ensured that our plan had every moving part going in the same direction – towards winning our case. I feel that all of my cases were expertly dealt with, and wound up being victorious each and every time! In the courtroom and during Master hearings, Kevin, Kate and their associates are well respected. They play fair, and have earned a professional reputation. They “fight” fair and treat all people on both sides with respect – but most certainly have no weakness in their undaunted pursuit of the win for their client. Some people might think a “pit-bull attorney” who unscrupulously attacks their opponents at every turn is best. But in the long run, polite, professional and moral representation is what proves most effective. One last anecdote that is most precious to relate is in the manner in which Kevin interacted with my teenage daughter. In preparation for a very intimidating and emotionally packed court date, Kevin calmly, patiently and delicately interacted with her. He was able to simultaneously convey the serious nature and importance of what was going to take place, but do so in a calm, relaxed and non-threatening way. Kevin’s people skills run the entire spectrum from judges to hostile opposing counsel, from adults to children, from the stoic analytic to the emotionally distressed. It may have been an emotional roller coaster at times, and very frustrating working within an uncertain system – but the legal experience, thorough preparation and moral and professional demeanor makes Zlock and Coverdale have my highest praise and recommendation to anyone going through a Family Law dispute of any kind.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Custody Hearing

    I recently had a custody hearing in June, 2015 and Kevin Zlock represented me for my custody hearing. Kevin was one step ahead of everything. Very knowledgeable of everything that was going on. He called everything that was going to happen as the case was going on. He's a very detailed lawyer who knows the judges and what they look for. As a father, I wasn't sure what my chances were to win primary custody. But I won easily. If this was a boxing match I would have won by a 1st round KO.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Danielle


    After having two attorneys that were not the right match I found Kevin and he truly is fantastic. He works hard and fights hard. Kevin was able to take a difficult custody case and make it easier to navigate through and bearable. I cannot say enough good about him and thank him enough. I never had to wait for a response someone always got back to me. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. All in all for the situation that I was in he made it as pleasant as possible. Thank you!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Victor

    A "Lion" When You Need Him, But a "Lamb" at Lunch!!

    When I was served divorce papers from my "ex", I hired Katherine Coverdale of Zlock and Coverdale to handle what was expected to be a very contentious divorce as my "ex" hired what she thought to be the pre-eminent "woman's" divorce attorney in the area. Sure enough, after the action started it became very contentious beyond my expectations.

    When our first hearing was scheduled, Katherine brought in Kevin (the Lion) to handle the hearing on our behalf. Meeting Kevin for a six hour prep meeting was my first encounter with Kevin and I walked out of that meeting knowing and feeling that everything was under control and we would be fine after the hearing the next day. Since I was never in a court setting before, Kevin counseled me on how to answer and act. His very "Sage" advice was right on the "money"!!!

    Kevin was masterful at both the Prep meeting and the Hearing the next day. While my "ex's" pre-eminent attorny brought a small pile of files with her, Kevin had papers spread all over his table in court, appropriately "tabbed" and in the order that he was going to present his case. He then methodically proceeded to totally dis-mantle both my "ex" and her attorney in a hearing that lasted six and a half hours. My "ex's" attorney could never even get her "footing" in the court room.

    I also encountered Kevin when my residence was "entered" by representatives of my "ex" on a weekend. I wrote an e-mail to both Katherine and Kevin about mid-night on a Sunday figuring I would get an answer the next morning. Instead, Kevin answered me back within an hour after 1:00 AM and made me feel comfortsble that everything would be OK in the morning when he got to the office to prepare specific motions to protect my residence and myself from further intrusion. I did ask Kevin if he ever slept, and his answer was "You were stressed and I needed to make you feel comfortable that we had everything under control"!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!

    As stated in other reviews, I am very fortunate to have both Katherine Coverdale and Kevin Zlock on my Team!!! But, I always swore that I would never ever play "Poker" with Kevin as he is straight-faced and I would not be able to "read" him.

    During a break at the hearing, I had the priviledge to have lunch with Kevin and another associate of the firm. At lunch, Kevin was all business with the associate in addressing some questions that came up from the morning's proceedings, but turned into the "Lamb" in conversations that were outside the realm of the divorce and the hearing itself. Kevin does have a very "soft, compassionate side" that he will bring out when the time is appropriate for sure.

    As my divorce is now winding down to a very amiable settlement between both parties, i know that I made the right choice with both Katherine and Kevin as my "team". In the beginning, it was a bit chaotic to me but both of these magnificent professionals dffused that chaotic feeling I had right out of the "gate" so to speak.

    Thnak You!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brett

    Awesome attorney

    Kevin is first class and makes all his clients feel extremely comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and responsive to all my questions and needs. He is able to explain his legal views in plain English that I can understand.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Great Attorney!

    Kevin is a very caring and dedicated lawyer who guided me through the tough divorce process. He is extremely knowledgeable and always gave me great advice. I cannot thank him enough for all that he did during my divorce. Kevin always took the time to help and would always answer the many questions that I had. Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult time, but Kevin's guidance got me through. The entire staff was always available and very helpful. Whenever I called the office a friendly voice was always on the other end of the phone. If you are looking for a great attorney to represent you, please have the office of Zlock and Coverdale represent you. I truly want to thank them for all their assistance and advice during my divorce. I appreciate all that you did for me and helped me during a difficult time.