Best Lawyer in PA, specific case he handled for me is my petition to preempt the sale of my property by the Courthouse in Shaverton PA.
He gave me a lot of information how to win the case and they are the following, tell the truth, answer only specific question, demand to repeat the question if you do not understand, answer from your heart and lastly, Stay calm and be courteous to your answers...... I found him straight, good and responsible.
I am a Filipino, Asian. He gave me confidence to trust every detailed to him because he knows more than I do..I do not find in any way discriminated, he is so good and humble but of course straight forward person and tell you the possibilities of losing but more percentage of winning. I recommend him to anyone who needs Lawyer/counsel specially to my fellow Aliens, Asians,middle class person, less knowledgeable and low income status... you will be happy to know this honorable Lawyer in PA.