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Michael E. Moyer

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    All charges dismissed

    I was charged by the pennsylvania state police with bogus crimes, when in fact a police officer assaulted me. Mr. Moyer interviewed my witnesses who verified my story to be true. Mr. Moyer represented me at the preliminary hearing and ALL charges were dismissed! I was very happy with Mr. Moyer's representation.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Was he worth it? No.

    I hired Mr. Moyer to work on a case for a Defendant because of his impressive track record. Before he was paid, he seemed to want to help do the best that he could for the Defendant. But, unfortunately, once he was paid, he did not even bother to give the Defendant a receipt, did not bother to stay in touch with the Defendant, or to get any evidence that would help the case.

    He only helped to buy some time, but even throughout the delays, he was not prepared to fight the case. Even after Mr. Moyer represented the Defendant in the preliminary hearing, the Defendant was left in the same position he started - being offered the same amount of time and offered the same deal that he was being offered when he had a public legal council.

    One day Mr. Moyer had a court date to appear to with the defendant. Mr. Moyer had not seen the Defendant at all before the court date. The Defendant got ready for his hearing, expecting that Mr. Moyer would defend him to the best of his ability. That day, Mr. Moyer did not even show up because he supposedly was on vacation. Many times, voicemails and calls would go unanswered from his office.

    I am sure Mr. Moyer is knowledgeable about the law, and he might know how to do his job very well. But unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with his performance. I asked for his help, putting my faith and trust that he would follow up with the Defendant, work hard on the case and get any evidence to support the Defendant. But it was the complete opposite of my expectations.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Top Notch Lawyer

    I was a real knucklehead when youger. Michael has been practicing law almost as long as My age of 38 yrs(he started in 77, I was born in 73.) I had retained Michael for a drunken assault on a police officer(same officer later charged with embezzlement and fired) Michael walked into the magistrates office and everyone on the prosecution side kind of developed an oh %#@$ look on their faces. He talked to them shortly and then asked if I would plead to a drunken disorderly. Of course I did; but they instantly new they were not going to railroad me. The officer had never identified himself upon grabbing me and I instictively had just punched him in the face so if I had not had Michaels help it could have been alot worse. His reputation preceeds him as a very shrewd Lawyer. His being an assistant DA for many years and dealing with many situations has helped him to earn, prove his worth which is invaluble in any criminal case you may have.