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Farley Holt’s client reviews

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  • Best Lawyer I've ever neet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Holy is very good. I was referred to him by a friend. Who Mr. Holt really helped keep them out of serious trouble. As if concerns my case Mr. Holt saved me. He listened when no one else would. Long story short after seeing Mr. Holt my case wear resolved. Thank you Farley you are the best.

  • The worst Lawyer I had the experience of trusting with my divorce

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Holt did not put the time in to knowing everything about my case nor was he properly keeping up with what was going on during my court hearings, failing to do so.. I was being poorly informed of the changes realted with my case, some informatin I wasn't aware of until after my case was closed. I am upset with the fact that I was asked by Mr. Holt this question "What do you want to do?"
    A. I couldn't understand why I was in court during this time... My Mom was on her death bed. I asked him to change the date, but he choose not to do so. I was beside my Mom everyday up to the point to where I had to go to this court hearing... which was only for a Divorce. That morning after court I received a phone call that Mom had passed that morning. I will never forgive him for taking me away from my Mom's final moments.
    B. When I was in this hearing, Mr. Holt himself wasn't there for me. He was texting on his phone, as he always does and he didn't know much about my case.. keep in mind I couldn't afford another lawyer.. I tried but there was no way of affording her.. Everything I asked of him, I learned he did not do for me
    C. I was not emotionally there and shouldn't have been there. What happenned? After being asked the question of "What do I want to do?" I replied with I don't understand what's going on, I was upset about being away from my Mom.. All I wanted was to rush back to her...which was 50 miles away. My hands trembled and Mom weighed heavy on my heart..I signed the divorce papers, while saying, I just want to get back to Mom... Don't take me wron, I learned after awhile that.... this hearing wasn't about going over details it was about my signing the divorce papers. I just wan't aware of all that I was signing away on. Mr. Holt changed my life that day... I have been even more depressed and will never recover... because of the fact that I have to live with not being there with Mom when she took her last breath. As for the divorce, I signed away my rights to what I should have been entitled to. But that's fine. however I am not fine with the fact that I was not told of the changes made about my daughter's visitations with her father. I have fallen ill, it is difficult for me to drive the 100 miles back and forth to pick my daughter up after her father''s visits... Again I was not aware of this.. I contacted his office after some conflict with my x husband over this issue. I was told that yes, I have to pick her up. I can not afford another Lawyer to have this changed for that matter I don't even know if this can be changed. It has been a battle for me to say the least. My first day of having to pick her up I hadd to call the police because I was early.. I learned that day that my time to pick her p is at 7.p.m My daughter and I have to drive over an hour and she has school the next morning. I was told by my x husband that if I took her early that I would be paying for his lawyer fees and that he would get me for contempt of court. where he was having a drinking party with his friends during a Ravens game and she wasn't with him for the first two days of that visit. and continues to cancel her visits when he doen't want to visit with her, and most of his visits he puts myself and family down.. I had to go pick her up because she was so upset because of his being rude or she is bored because he doen't take the time for her. As of now he said I can pick her up anytime.. Bu being ill, my x husband doesn't want to hear this.. stating he would let me get away with picking her up during one visit after that he wasn't going to allow this to happen again. And he hasn't. Mr. Holt should take the time to keep up to date and represent his clients propeerly, not poorly.