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  1. I got hurt at work and while out on workers comp my company laid me off. Can I collect unemployment after I get me settlement?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Robert L. Cullen
    2. Michael W. Cardamone
    3. Edward Clement Sweeney
    4. C. Lee Anderson
    5. George Ellis Corson IV
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    Most employers require that you sign a letter of resignation as a part of a workers' compensation settlement. If you do not negotiate to avoid having to do that, you can apply for unemployment compensation benefits as long as you otherwise qualify. You have already been laid off, so that's a good start. If you weren't laid off for misconduct, then as long as you are available for work, you should be able to collect UC benefits. Feel free to call to discuss this. There is no obligation and...

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  2. I had a previous wc injury in 2008, hired the same attorney for a new wc case and I don't feel he is helping or cares at all.

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Alton Lamar Martin Jr.
    2. Ryan S Montgomery
    3. C. Lee Anderson
    4. George Ellis Corson IV
    5. Bobby L. Bollinger Jr.
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    Our office routinely gives second opinions to claimants who dissatisfied with their present attorney. However, the workers' compensation laws of the different states vary tremendously. I practice in Pennsylvania, and therefore, I would not be able to advise you on a South Carolina workers' compensation issue. I strongly recommend that you contact a South Carolina attorney who specializes in workers' compensation law. Good luck. C. Lee Anderson, Esquire Frommer D'Amico Anderson 2080...

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  3. I am seeing an IME Dr. Who is afiliated with same hospital

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Ryan Scott Zavodnick
    2. Richard Alan Jaffe
    3. Joseph Benjamin D'Amico
    4. C. Lee Anderson
    5. George Ellis Corson IV
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    The fact that the IME doctor is from the same hospital more than likely increases the chances that he will support you doctor. However, there is no guarantee of this. This would be more likely if he was in the same doctor's office and not just at the same hospital. As Joe D'Amico stated above, you should not trust any IME doctor. They are paid for by the insurance company, and they know why they are being hired. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims. They are in the...

  4. How much to request for settlement on a herniated lumbar disc? Wilkes Barre, PAAsked less than a minute ago - Wilkes Barre, PA

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Timothy D. Belt
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    Your question is in the Workers' Compensation section, but you do not state specifically that this is a comp case. There is a very big difference between the value of a workers' compensation case and other types of cases, such as auto, slip and fall, etc. If this is a WC case, then, to a large extent, the value of the wage loss portion is dependent on how many years of wage loss benefits you can reasonably expect to get in the future. The value of the medical portion of your case depends...

  5. Why does my insurance company want me to see an independant physical therapist ?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Carl P DeLuca
    2. Jeffrey Mark Adams
    3. Christian K. Lassen II
    4. C. Lee Anderson
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    It sounds like Rhode Island has a no-fault insurance law. Under most no-fault statues, your own insurance company pays for a certain amount of your medical bills (however much coverage you purchase) no matter who is at fault. Most statutes give the no-fault carrier the right to question the reasonableness, necessity and relatedness of the treatment they pay for. This is normally done by having you see a provider they choose, sometimes referred to as an Independent Medical Exam. That...

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  6. What steps need to be taken to file a claim against the estate of the deceased

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. S. David Rosenthal Esquire
    2. Spencer Edward Farris
    3. David J. McCormick
    4. C. Lee Anderson
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    The previous answers are right on. Claims against estates are complex and tricky. The statute of limitations can be shorter. You generally need to make sure that you sue the personal representative of the estate, not the deceased person. If no representative has been appointed, it might be necessary to go to court just to have that take place. It could even be you, depending on the law in Missouri and existence of other candidates! You should definitely consult with a lawyer in your area....