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Forest Dean Morgan

About Forest Morgan

About me


As a former law enforcement officer and prosecutor, and now as a defense attorney, I have been involved in the criminal justice system since 1990.  The real world experience I bring to every case is advantageous to my clients.

I understand the role of law enforcement and I speak their unique language.  When I read I police report, I see the case through their eyes and I ask the right questions to determine the real story behind the report.  I understand the limits of the law enforcement officer's authority as well as the personalities behind the badge.

When working with the prosecutor, I understand the law, the limits of their own knowledge of the law, and the means by which to achieve the best possible result.

In trial, I am a zealous advocate for the interests of my client.  In every case, I seek to achieve a not guilty verdict.  Where that is not possible, I negotiate from a position of strength to achieve the best possible outcome.



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